Mei Gongqing 131-132

I’m skipping chapters 129 and 130, which is just the continuation of the journey to Jiankang. Of course Wang Hong won’t take no for an answer and insists that Chen Rong join his team for the rest of the trip. Somewhere along the way, Yu Zhi and Huan Jiulang play third wheels, resulting in Qilang’s order to have their horses killed out of vexation, with the pretext that their horses are ill and would infect the rest of the caravan, hah.

They are the first to arrive and I’ll now take you to their arrival in Jiankang.

Chapters 131-132

Calling Glory of Tang viewers

I know full well what wiki says about the endings of these characters, but the drama changed this face:

 to this face:

so I have hope yet! and I need someone to tell me that this drama is not heading to irreparable tragic land. Pretty please?

I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself because watching this drama has been a gold panning exercise​. I sift through hours of unhappiness for 5 seconds of sanity-saving scenes. Like really, producers, throw us a bone. I’m on ep 50 of S1 and needless to say tons of shitty shit had already happened to the poor babies. Is there any hope at all in finishing and going to S2 or are we heading to the abyss of doom regardless? Why is this drama even called Glory of Tang? Where, I ask, is the glory?