Blog update

Just wanted to give a quick update because I know some of you are waiting (very patiently). I’ve got 182 and 184 translated. But that means I have to finish 181 and 183 before I can post, sorry about that 😅

At the same time I’m staging a cross-country move which is taking up most of my time and energy. Hopefully everything is settled by next month and I’ll have a batch update for you guys.

Stay safe during this crazy season!

15 thoughts on “Blog update

  1. Hey I just wanted to ask something off topic. I have heard side sequel of three lives three world pillow book has released in China. Can you translate it here ? Also do you have any idea about more books by Tangqi ? I have heard she was written The step lotus


  2. Thanks for the update – I think we all just want to know that this hasn’t been dropped and you are doing well. Take your time – we understand you have a life. I’ve always enjoyed this novel although I sometimes want to give a sharp slap to Our Heroine.

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      • Hahha. Shelter in place. Safer at home. Quarantine. Meh. I do have a book for you to read: 《君九齡》希行 I read the first chapter quite a few times and I would put it down. This last time, I actually continued and read the entire 500 some pages from… even after I jumped to the end and went back. I am getting shorter on my to read list as I’ve been locked out of my Weibo account. I just can’t get my account reset …so bummed cause that’s where I would get my cooking and reading fix. And now with the state of the world… prob not that big of a deal… still… let’s just all get through this together, one roll of toilet paper at a time.


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