Too Beautiful To Lie (2004)

Here's the movie that introduces me to Kang Dongwon.  I've told this story many a times but heck, I'll tell it again for memory's sake.  I was on a Korean Air flight that year and for some reason whatever was showing on the TV caught my eyes.  So I paid attention and before I knew it, I was completely tuning into the show.  Now this was 2004 and we didn't get those fancy individual screen for each seat yet.  I had to actually crane my neck to watch it from the common TV some rows ahead.  The subtitles were impossibly tiny but that didn't stop me.  I was entirely sold on this little sucker.  It was funny and charming and everything a rom-com should be.

Like any other rom-com, it's a tale of an unlikely romance between two unlikely sweethearts.  She's a ex-con on parole and he's a country pumpkin pharmacist.  Certain fate brought them together when their belongings got swapped on the train.  She's got his proposal ring while he's got her handcrafted goose for her sister's wedding.  Determined to get her gift back, Yeongju comes to Heechul's hometown to find him, only to be caught in a a web of misunderstandings and complications.  To Heechul's horror, he finds himself as the public enemy of the entire neighborhood because "he's got poor Yeongju knocked up".  The more he denies it, the more bastardly he looks.  It doesn't help his case when everything spilling out of Yeongju's mouth somehow matches with his own history.  I don't want to go too much into detail summarizing this movie because comedic moments are better watched.  So I'll just spam the rest of the post with the many faces of Kang Dongwon.  It's hard to believe this is his first movie, because this guy has awesome expressions.  He's absolutely darling.




(on second thoughts~)










(disappointment masked as happiness)

(utterly frustrated)


lol~ Mr. KDW, I hope you don't dance like this in real life

(holy shit-ity!)


me and you both, lady~

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