Prissana – 01

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Since I'm posting this over on tumblr, I might as well cross-post it here for LJ readers.

I'm typing selected chapters to keep and share since I don't get to keep the books 😦  The 2000 lakorn adaptation was really loyal to the original source… the differences are only in details.  So although not all chapters will be posted, I think it's still a good complement to the drama watching experience.

by Princess Vibhavadi Rangsit
translated by Tulachandra

Chapter 01 – At Hua Hin

“And where are you going now?”

Their mother's voice sounded unusually sharp; it made Siri and Anong stop short in the middle of the stairs of their bungalow. They were prettily dressed and their manners had been gay.

Anong let her sister answer for both of them.

“We thought we'd go call on Kamol, mother.” Siri said. “She asked us to last week and we promised we would. Yesterday at the market she reminded us again. Now we can't very well get out of it.”

“Oh, yes you can. You'll have to, because we're going back to Bangkok this afternoon and you've got to start packing.”

“This afternoon!” Anong cried, her cheeks turning pale. But Siri was more demonstrative. One leap and she was there confronting her mother.

“You frightened me so, mother!” she said. “Please don't tease us like this.”

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Prissana novel in English!

Why yes it exists!
Had the hardest time searching for it because the romanized title is "Prisna." On top of that it's old and obscure and apparently only shelfed in academic institutions which I'm not privy to. But what good is Berkeley if not their enviable book vaults libraries? I wheedled my brother into loaning the books and ship them to me because I! WANT!
Now excuse me while I go speed read so they won't hold his diploma for owing library books.

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