Mei Gongqing 202-204

Chapter 202: Wang Hong’s Pain

Tonight, Chen Rong woke up several times in pain and retched twice.

She didn’t have symptoms in the first few months of her pregnancy but, now that she was injured, the discomfort in her stomach couldn’t be hidden.

After tossing and turning several times, it was not until the ox hour (1am to 3am) when she fell asleep in a daze.

After less than an hour of sleep, Chen Rong again awoke.

She retched twice and then listened to the excitement and voices outside. She watched the faint sunrise and could not go back to sleep.

She turned her head sideways and unblinkingly looked at the sky.

The morning light was faint. There was a layer of mist shrouding over the sky and the ground. Through the window screen, the shadows of the trees spread far into the vast expanse.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed until silent footsteps approached her.

Chen Rong blinked but did not turn around. She continued looking outside and hoarsely asked, “You’re up early.”

The footsteps stopped at the curtain, and Wang Hong’s low and equally hoarse voice sounded: “I couldn’t sleep.”

His voice was light and wispy, as though it came from the distant sky.

Chen Rong softly murmured a reply without turning around… Her hum was very light and serene, as if the infatuation that had been engraved into her soul was quietly fading away.

Wang Hong motionlessly looked at her, only his white robe was fluttering in the morning breeze.

After a while, he walked to her.

“Darling,” he softly said, “move inside a little.”

Chen Rong slowly turned her head.

She looked at Wang Hong.

Her deep dark eyes, which had rejoiced every time she saw him, were at this moment as still as an ancient well.

She looked at him as if she was looking at a stranger. After a while, her lips moved to say: “I want this child.”

She lowered her eyes and lifted the quilt to caress her belly. “I want it,” Chen Rong said, looking where it was still flat.

Wang Hong’s voice was unusually gentle: “Aye, we want it.”

Chen Rong slowly shook her head.

As she shook her head, she distinctly felt the cold air in the room.

“I just want it by myself.” She seemed to have made up her mind. After saying these words, she lifted her head and faced Wang Hong, whose face was extraordinarily white and whose eyes were unusually dark. “Qilang, we…” She only managed these words before Wang Hong interrupted her with a wave of his hand.

He clasped her wrist, so tightly that she was in pain.

His voice was not only tender, but also very light and soft: “Sleep, darling. You must be tired.”

Chen Rong, however, calmly looked at him and slowly withdrew her hand.

She didn’t manage to do so.

Wang Hong’s grasp tightened almost as soon as she moved. His face was snowy white. Pursing his lips, his dark eyes bored into Chen Rong. He numbly smiled and said, “Darling… I have given up my position as clan chief and prepared everything for our lives in seclusion. I can stay with you here for a time, sort out everything in secret, and then quietly leave the city. We will go to an old friend of mine to enjoy the scenery as we wait for our child to be born. By then, people in Jiankang should believe that I, Wang Hong, really meant to withdraw from society and it won’t matter whether you die or not, and then we will get married.”

His eyes were reddened, but his smile was extraordinarily gentle. “I have everything planned and ready… But darling, are you still angry with me?”

He held her hand tightly in his, his eyes fixed on her face, and his smile was incomparably tender.

Chen Rong lowered her head.

She looked at her stomach and slowly closed her eyes.

Her lips moved and moved again, but she couldn’t say a word.

At this time, Wang Hong’s soft voice started again: “Darling, move in.” He let go of Chen Rong’s hand.

Chen Rong carefully moved a little inside.

He lifted her quilt and lay down. He leaned on the bed post, stretched his right hand to hold Chen Rong’s waist and lowered his head, letting his ink-like hair cascade. “Darling, I was wrong, I was so very wrong… Can you forget it all? Can you pretend it never happened?”

His voice was soft and nasally, sounding like a child.

Chen Rong gazed down at her stomach, at length, she finally spoke, her voice at this moment was hoarse and choked up: “Qilang, the Ninth Princess stabbed me here that day.” She pointed to the wound, tears welling up in her eyes. “I was in so much pain, it hurt so much. Blood kept gushing out but her dagger was still lodged. I wanted to pull it out, but I was afraid to. Then she told me that the dagger was coated in poison and that she wouldn’t let me live. I was so scared then, Qilang, I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want to die at all. I was pregnant with your child. My Qilang is so beautiful, how smart and handsome must his flesh and blood be. How can I let him die before he was even born?”

Two streams of tears flowed down her white bloodless face and seeped into the brocade quilt.

“My eyes were blurry and I couldn’t stand straight. I was so sleepy that I thought I’ve been so tired all these years, maybe it’s better to die. Thinking so made me want to sleep even more. But then I remembered, how sad my Qilang would be if he knew that I was dead? He is so stubborn and uncompromising, how could he allow the Ninth Princess to get away with murdering me? So I thought, no, if Qilang offends the royal family again, he will be driven to a corner. I was smiling when I approached the Ninth Princess, fearing that she would be wary of me. I finally got close enough to stab her in the chest with the dagger she had stabbed me with.”

She opened her bright eyes, her tears falling like a string of pearls.

Choking on her sobs, Chen Rong weakly and bitterly muttered, “Qilang, didn’t you know that I will hurt? Didn’t you know how much I love you and my child?”

Her voice at this time was trance-like and her eyes were hollow, as if she was talking to the air. Clearly, Wang Hong was right next to her, and he was obviously holding her, but she felt as alone as if she was talking to herself.

Wang Hong looked at Chen Rong, pressing a hand on his chest where his heart wrung. Then he wrapped his arms around Chen Rong.

He hugged her carefully, lowered his head and kissed away the tears on her face. “Ah Rong, I was wrong. I was so very wrong.”

This admission of fault had been said several times since yesterday. In a trance, Wang Hong realized that this seemed to be the first time he admitted his mistake. In the past, no matter how out of line he was, he had never once thought to concede that he was wrong.

His kiss was unsettled, and when he kissed her cold lips, he used the tip of his tongue to gain access and probe deeper inside. While kissing her, he said perplexingly: “Ah Rong, you can’t do this, you can’t let me know what it’s like to have my heart break in pieces and then stop caring. You can’t… “

He was so panicked that he didn’t notice he had bumped into Chen Rong’s wound or that his own tears were mixing with hers.

Wang Hong’s kiss delved deeper into her mouth… as though through this action, her cold lips would warm and she would smile at him again as she had done in the past, reaching around his neck to hold him.

He was terrified. Chen Rong had rejected him twice. The first time, she had rushed into the midst of ten thousand troops in a white dress. When he found her and begged her to go with him, her eyes were so distant and indifferent as she stood there in her blood-stained dress against the sunset.

The second time she had also smiled like this when she asked His Majesty to allow her to become a nun. Her smile was bright and beautiful then but her eyes were cold and distant.

And yet those two times were different from this time. On those two occasions, even though he was shocked and hurt, even though he was also heartbroken…

That heartache could be ignored with a smile.

Only now did he feel terrified for the first time… Tonight, he should have been able to sweep things aside and peacefully go to bed as he always had, but he could not fall asleep. After flipping through the Book of Songs in the candlelight, his heart grew more troubled and he went to the moonlight. Then, unknowingly, he had come to stand outside her door.

He knew that tonight she woke up four times in pain and retched twice. She also asked the maidservants to brew medicine and feed it to her.

He heard every time she tossed and turned, and every time she moaned in pain.

He had thought, how would it look for Lang’ya Wang Qi to stand outside a woman’s room like this? So he had turned around to leave.

But he had stopped in just one step. He found that only by standing outside her room like this did his heart feel marginally at peace. He even walked down the steps several times, wanting to push the door to enter. But several times he did not. However ridiculous this sounded, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to enter.

While Wang Hong was deep in thought, Chen Rong struggled and groaned, “It hurts.”

Startled, Wang Hong loosened his hand.

He looked down and produced a handkerchief. While wiping the sweat and tears from Chen Rong’s face, he softly said, “Ah Rong, this is how things are in the world, it’s hard to get exactly what we want. I was wrong this time and I regretted it. Let it go and forget about it. Only this way can you and I find our happiness.”

In just the blink of an eye, his voice had returned to its usual peace and calm.

Chen Rong stirred and hoarsely asked, “Let it go and forget about it?”

“Aye,” Wang Hong kissed her lips and decisively said, “forget about it. I know my mistakes and I won’t do it again. Look at the moon, it’s perfectly round now but it will wane. The flowers are in full bloom but they will wither. The rain is intense but won’t last forever, and it’s the same for the wind. Ah Rong, everything in the world is like this. Loss, disappointment and flaws are common. The heavens will never grant perfect happiness. It doesn’t do us any good if you continue to dwell on it.”

Chapter 203: Recompense

Chen Rong startlingly looked down at the top of his head.

She had stopped crying and her tear-stained face was overcome with loneliness.

Wang Hong had seen this loneliness on her face before, but never had there been a moment that scared him like this.

“Ah Rong,” he numbly said as he hugged her waist, “isn’t it enough to have me? Why are you thinking so much?”

Enough to have him?

Blankly, Chen Rong thought: He is the high and mighty heir of the Wang House. He wants to marry me, he took the risks to rescue me, and he shed tears for me… Ah Rong, shouldn’t you be content? But why is it that my heart is still full of grievances?

She stared at the top of his head for a while, and then hoarsely replied, “Qilang.”

In Wang Hong’s silence, Chen Rong softly continued, “Qilang, I feel so miserable.”

She lowered her head, looked at Wang Hong for a moment and reached out to caress his handsome face as she murmured, “You have promised me so much, but why is it that I am still pained?”

She retracted her hand, slowly closed her eyes and removed herself from Wang Hong’s arms to lay down.

With her back to him, she quietly said, “I want to think things through… Qilang, I want to leave this place and you to think about things alone.”

Her hand unknowingly brushed her lower abdomen. She had never been pregnant before, and hadn’t known her heart would be anchored with a steadiness after she was pregnant with this mass of flesh. There was clearly a dull pain in her heart when she said that she would be leaving Wang Hong, but as long as she caressed this place, the pain would miraculously alleviate.

The room felt cold.

Wang Hong lowered his head to look at Chen Rong. His voice was dry when he next spoke: “Do you want to leave me, Ah Rong?”

Chen Rong shook her head, quietly saying: “No, I just want to think things over.” She looked back at Wang Hong, her eyes were still shining with light, and she was beautiful. She smiled a tearful smile and said, “Earlier you said that the world is never perfect. But you’ve always been someone who can’t tolerate imperfections. With me being so miserable here with you, you aren’t happy either, right? Let us separate for a while.”

Wang Hong looked at her with a neutral expression and numbly said, “You’re pregnant. Where can you go looking like this and wanted by the royal family?”

Chen Rong smiled in a trance as she lowered her eyebrows. “Don’t I have some farmland in Nan’yang and Mo’yang? I will dress in disguise and go to Nan’yang with my brother. It’s not bad to live a farm life.”

So she wasn’t just leaving for a while as she said, but determined to keep her distance and leave him?

Wang Hong’s lips rose upwards, softly saying: “Nan’yang and Mo’yang are susceptible to Hu infiltration.”

Chen Rong shook her head, sinking slightly on the mattress. “Even if there is an invasion, it won’t be dangerous with General Ran there.” She spoke with certainty and calm, reminding Wang Hong that she, in fact, knew certain things from the future.

Wang Hong stared at her.

He stroked her lips and brushed her neck, his voice murmuring like a spring breeze: “You want to seek refuge with Ran Min?” He sounded strangely cold.

Chen Rong shook her head. “I have a child now, he won’t tolerate that.” No matter how nice Ran Min’s words had been, Chen Rong knew that he would not accept this child. Unless she was willing to be his concubine and her child would stay humble and unambitious, wanting nothing more than his morsel of food.

Chen Rong smiled. At this moment, her voice regained its clarity and tenderness: “Furthermore, I am yours. I’m just leaving for a while. Who knows, I might come to ask you to take me in again after I have figured things out… And even if you were to change your mind and not want to take me in, I’ll never be with anyone else in my life.”

Wang Hong stared at the smile on her face, at her clear eyes and peaceful smile. As he looked at her, his heart was seemingly struck by an unknown force.

He shook violently despite leaning against the divan. He gripped the bed pillar, his fingers bruised and veined because of the tight grip.

He clamped his teeth and tried for a while to exhale, his voice emotionless as usual: “I want to marry you and you still want to leave? You want to leave despite the fact that you’re pregnant?”

As soon as he finished, Chen Rong issued a low laughter as she looked up at him.

With a smile in her beautiful eyes, she reached out to caress his tall nose and perfect lips. Chen Rong smiled numbly: “Aye, you want to marry me… You see, I finally moved your heart with the dagger I pulled out of my body and willed you to marry me.” But she wanted more, much more… What she wanted most of all was not the charity he gave in a moment of sentimentality.

Moreover, she had caused him to lose his position as the heir of the Wang House. Without her, he may still take advantage of the situation and become an important minister in court. How could she, Ah Rong of the Chen House, dare to ruin his future with the pity he had for her wretched life? How could she, Ah Rong of the Chen House, wish to rely on this pity and go travel the world with him as if nothing had happened?

Hearing the mockery in Chen Rong’s words, Wang Hong pressed his lips to say, “That’s not what I meant.”

He stared at her and repeated, “That’s not what I meant.” For the first time, Wang Hong felt wordless.

Chen Rong lowered her eyes as she faintly smiled. “Aye, Qilang didn’t mean that.” She turned her head and looked out the window, muttering: “It’s dawn, you didn’t sleep well, why don’t you go back to your room and take a rest? “

She was issuing an eviction order.

Wang Hong stared at the faint smile on her face, and for the first time he felt that it stung. Pursing his lips, he said, “Ah Rong, you promised me… No matter when, no matter where, you will always love me. You swore.”

His voice was so very soft and gentle, and he was acting like a child again.

Chen Rong turned her head to the side, her eyes bright with a blooming smile. “Mmm, I will always adore you, love you, and only you.” She caressed her stomach, smiling: “Even when I am old, my teeth are lost and I can’t walk anymore, I will still only love Qilang.” But by then Qilang must have had many children, right? The most pitiful thing in the world will always be a foolish person like her. Qilang was so smart, so wise, so determined, that she wondered if he would miss her in a year’s time.

Chen Rong pushed Wang Hong again and groaned, “Go, go, go get some sleep.”

Having pushed him, she cupped his face again to place a kiss on his lips, whispering: “Forgive me. How much better it would be if I hadn’t loved you so much.” If that was the case, she would be overjoyed to be his wife.

Her wrist was tightly clasped again.

Staring at Chen Rong, Wang Hong numbly said, “I admit I was wrong. My dearest Ah Rong, when I saw you lose consciousness, I knew I was wrong, so very wrong.”

“I just thought that the best and fastest way to solve our problem is to play at their own game. Ah Rong, I don’t like it that His Majesty interferes in your business, and even ordains your marriage. A long night is fraught with dreams. One inattentive moment will bring us unexpected disasters. The Art of War says that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. And I agree. I needed to protect my Ah Rong from death, I needed to take matters into my own hands… But seeing your sleeping face as white as paper, unable to move, seemingly having no breath, only then did I feel this overwhelming panic.”

He took Chen Rong’s hand to cover his eyes and quietly said, “I’ve worked so hard, but Ah Rong wants to abandon me. It’s not fair.”

He slowly let go of her hand and pulled up to his feet.

Chen Rong stared after him and watched him stand quietly at the head of her bed, his face as still as water.

“I never wanted to be the clan chief of the Wang House.” At the look of surprise in Chen Rong’s eyes, his voice was as low as an evening bell: “Right now in the empire, great clans and the royal family have all gotten what they want, and no one wants to break the status quo. It’s better to be a recluse now than to be a clan chief. Even before I met you, I had thought of finding the right time to leave.”

He stared at her, his voice lowered and his tone turned gentle: “You’ve never understood what I mean. I’m not marrying you because I pity you.” He sneered, raised his chin high and proud: “How can a man like me save a woman and marry her regardless of her status, just because I pity her?”

He leaned forward, stroked Chen Rong’s lips and murmured, “I don’t know what my feelings for you are. I only know that I’m suddenly terrified beyond words to hear you had fallen into Murong Ke’s hands or to see you lie there lifeless. I suddenly thought, what does anything mean anymore if my Ah Rong is dead?” Wang Hong laughed and said self-deprecatingly: “I have never needed to explain myself in anything I do. Yet the words I spoke in these two days have surpassed all that’s been said in the past ten years.”

Wang Hong straightened and looked down at Chen Rong, the woman whom, from the moment he fell for her, would use every means to hold onto, even if it meant pushing her into the whirlwind.

In the past, he hadn’t thought twice when perpetrating those things. This time for some reason, he felt a little tired and didn’t want to see that look of determination in her eyes.

Wang Hong sighed and lowered his eyes. He turned around, saying as he walked to the wall on the right: “A gentleman’s promise can’t be bought with a thousand gold. What I said came from the bottom of my heart. If Ah Rong doesn’t believe me, there is nothing I can do.”

He reached for the saber on the wall, drawing it with a whoosh.

He turned to look at Chen Rong with the blade in his hand. His eyes shone bright as he softly said, “I admit my oversight in causing you grief from the Ninth Princess’s stab. That being the case, I will pay for the stab. If I don’t die, shall we call this pain even?” As soon as he finished, he turned the hilt of the saber, and amidst Chen Rong’s startled scream, pierced forcefully into his chest.

Chapter 204: Letting Go?

Chen Rong disregarded the injuries on her body to tumble out of bed. She shakily reached for the wound, but upon seeing the lodged blade, didn’t dare to extend her hand further.

“Someone, come quickly!”

She had barely made the call by the time Wang Hong reached over to cover her mouth.

“Don’t move,” she anxiously said, voice muffled because her mouth was covered.

Wang Hong was still smiling, but his handsome face was white from pain. “Ah Rong, it really does hurt,” he chuckled.

“Call the doctor, call the doctor quickly,” Chen Rong anxiously called. But because Wang Hong covered her mouth too tightly, her voice still couldn’t be issued.

Wang Hong looked down at the blade in his chest. “Ever since I was little, they made a fuss even if I lost a few strands of hair… I’ve also seen others getting wounded, but I didn’t know until now that it could hurt so much to get stabbed like this.”

His face was pale, but his smile was entirely innocent. He also tilted his head, staring at the hilt on his chest and the blood snaking down from it.

The stream trickled slowly, and after a while, it soaked half of his white outfit.

He observed it attentively, as if he was trying to fully experience the sensation.

After staring for a long time, Wang Hong murmured: “Before his death, my grandfather warned me that I won’t be able to achieve great things if I act heedlessly. One needs to know the pain of the weak, the hurt of the poor, and the fear of the helpless in order to rule over people. He also said that I’m too sentimental and I don’t know how to give up. He gave me a dagger and asked me to cut off a piece of my own flesh so that I could experience the pain of making choices. I refused to, until today.”

Having said so, he released his hand from Chen Rong’s mouth, stared at her eyes and softly said, “Ah Rong, I know that I was wrong… but what’s done is done, if you insist on not letting it go then I will let you leave.”

He actually said that he will let her leave.

With a whoosh, Chen Rong lifted her head, staring at him with wide eyes and not daring to believe.

Wang Hong smiled. “Silly child, I’ve always forced your hands in the past. It’s perfectly reasonable that you don’t want to forgive me.” He quietly looked at Chen Rong and lowered his gaze. He didn’t like the taste of heartbreak, not even a little bit. Pain aside, he didn’t like feeling afraid and helpless. The world they lived in made people so very powerless. If even his heart could not be its own sovereign, then life was rather too somber. If this stab could let him learn how to let go, then it was worth its price.

“Is anyone out there?” he raised his voice to ask.

A series of footsteps padded across the yard. As soon as the maidservants stepped into the room, they gave a simultaneous cry. Then the guards came in one after another. The steward was even more distressed, being the one to shout in tears: “Quick, ask for the doctor, now.”

These people had never seen Wang Hong like this. Everyone panicked as they shouted and cried.

“Everyone, quiet,” Wang Hong said.

His circulating energy was obviously deficient at this moment.

Watching his face gradually turn pale, the steward knelt to the ground with a thump and asked in a trembling voice, “My lord, what is going on? W-who did this?”

Wang Hong and Chen Rong had been the only ones in the room. Upon the steward’s question, many people turned their gazes at Chen Rong.

Wang Hong lowered his eyes and lightly said, “Can’t you see? I injured myself.” He turned to the guard standing in a corner and called, “Reji, you deal with this wound.”

The guard looked at him and solemnly replied, “I don’t dare to.”

“Come over here. Are you going to let your master bleed to death before the doctor comes?”

“Aye,” the guard replied with a start.

By the time he strode forward, a maid had brought in the best medicine for knife wounds (1).

  1. 金创药 lit. medicine for metal wounds — a general term for medicines that treat knife wounds. They’re supposed to stop bleeding, relieve pain and help with inflammation.

Chen Rong stood on the side to watch the guard efficiently pull out the blade, sprinkle the medicine on and bandage Wang Hong’s wound.

After tying it up, he breathed a heavy sigh, wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Fortunately, the stab was not deep.”

Wang Hong’s face was snow-white by this time, as were his lips. He supported himself by holding onto a maid’s arm, then smilingly said, “I subconsciously went easy on myself since it’s my own flesh.” The guard gave a nod in agreement: “Aye, from the way it looks, no one else could’ve given you this wound.”

His words led everyone to completely believe that the blade was inserted by Wang Hong himself.

This translation belongs to hamster428.

After the wound was bandaged, they lifted Wang Hong and took him back to his chamber. In just the blink of an eye, the room that had been so lively just a moment ago was now deserted. Nothing remained other than the pool of blood on the ground.

It was as though everyone had collectively forgotten Chen Rong’s existence.

Chen Rong blankly stared at the door and the leaving crowd. Just as she was about to take a step forward, a maid’s voice sounded from the door: “His Lordship said you have just recovered from your injury, so you shouldn’t move around. Miss, please go back to bed.” Unexpectedly, she changed the address and called her Miss.

Only when she was reminded did she realize that her wound was painful and her body strengthless. She slowly held onto the furniture and moved to bed.

Chen Rong kept her eyes shut while she stayed in bed.

At length, she hoarsely asked, “Is the doctor here?”

“Aye,” came the reply of a maid.

“What did he say?”

“The doctor said that the young master did not injure his internal organs. If he remains without a fever until tomorrow, then he’ll be able to recover in a fortnight.”

Chen Rong looked to the ceiling and did not speak anymore.

Two days went by in the blink of an eye. Wang Hong did not break out in a fever despite Chen Rong’s fears.

During these two days, Chen Rong took her medicine on time and tended to her health, seeing her injury improve significantly.

During these two days, she couldn’t help but stare at the door whenever she woke up. She longed to ask after Wang Hong’s injuries, but she didn’t dare to.

On the third day, after she had spent her time worrying for a while, Chen Rong quietly asked, “Do we have a sedan chair?”

“Aye, Miss.”

“Bring me to see Qilang.”


A few moments later, four maidservants came to carefully lift and lay her on the sedan chair. Two guardsmen then carried her to Wang Hong’s courtyard.

Outside the compound, guardsmen and maids came and went as usual. When they saw Chen Rong, they bowed their heads and stepped back to give way. They were respectful, but Chen Rong felt that they were resenting her… True, who would stab himself for no reason? They didn’t need to think about it to know that she was the cause.

Before long, Chen Rong arrived outside of Wang Hong’s bedchamber.

The voices inside made it apparent that Wang Hong was in conference. The two guardsmen stopped and gently placed Chen Rong down, then quietly marched to one side.

“How about the Empress Dowager?” Hearing Wang Hong’s voice, Chen Rong couldn’t help but perk her ears.

“The Empress Dowager is refusing to let this pass,” she heard another man say. “She said, with the royal family’s power, how is she not able to track down a scholar and some servants? She suspects it must be due to your interference.”

After a moment of silence, Wang Hong’s low and weak voice sounded: “These people must be protected. You’ll be the one to answer if one of them is hurt.”


“My Lord,” said another voice, “ever since the Grand Chamberlain wore a red dress in public, red dresses have been fashionable among the entertainers in Jiankang. There was even an underground organization that said they would buy the Grand Chamberlain for ten thousand gold, as long as she is alive.” After a pause, the man added, “This announcement was made two months ago.”

Two months ago? She and Wang Hong hadn’t yet returned to Jiankang at the time. Was there already an underground organization after her?

Chen Rong shuddered. She knew about this underground organization — it had been in existence for a long time, and numerous members of the aristocracy and the Sima clan were connected to it. There, everything one could possibly want could be purchased. There had been rumors that Empress Dowager Li, who had disappeared on her journey south, was seen within the underground organization. By that time she had become a sex slave to these people. Since her prince had died from illness and she had not garnered enough influence, those who went after her did not see the need to tread carefully.

“Underground organization?” asked Wang Hong icily.  “They must think I don’t dare to strike them?!”

“My Lord,” the man hastily replied, “you’re in the middle of a whirlwind, a little patience is needed. “

Wang Hong shook his head. “I promised her she can leave. This organization must be struck down.” After a pause, he looked to be taking something out and throwing it down. “Take this. It’s the heir’s call to arms order. Once this order is issued, all the Wang forces can be mobilized. Go, I want this organization’s name to be wiped forever from Jiankang.”

The man was so shocked that he exclaimed, “My Lord, this order can only be used once! Are you using it on a woman?”

“It’s what I owe her.”

It’s what I owe her.

Why was his voice so cold?

It was, perhaps, the first time Chen Rong heard him speak about her in such a distant way. Did he want to repay her love, or did he want to settle everything between the two of them?

More than once Chen Rong had desperately wanted to leave this man, but upon hearing his voice at this moment, her heart sank and kept sinking…

“How is her wound?” Wang Hong’s voice softened this time.

“It is getting better,” a maid replied. “She will heal in a month’s time if it continues this way.”

“Is that so?” Wang Hong smiled. “She wants to return to Nan’yang… Take a trip there to warn off the Prince of Nan’yang and the aristocrats. Then buy her a thousand acres of fertile land along with two hamlets. Assign thirty guards and ten maids to her. All of you may be loyal to her for the rest of your lives. You yourself will be her steward. If she asks, let her know she can marry any man she loves. If she doesn’t want me to be kept abreast of her news, you can leave after you have found someone reliable for her.”

At this juncture, he looked to be extremely tired. Chen Rong closed her eyes and perked her ears as she listened to his murmuring voice: “It’s pointless when the woman I love is wary and resentful of me. Let’s give her back everything I’ve caused her to lose.”

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