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Hiiii~ I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. I don’t usually do weekday posts but I feel bad for being quiet these days.

Some readers have commented that my chapters are getting very slow and infrequent (valid) and that I’m not forthcoming about when the next update will be (also valid). The thing is, I don’t exactly have a lot of disposable time and my schedule is unpredictable so I don’t have good answers to give you guys.

I’m also admittedly getting translator’s block these days, which has happened before during the Pillow Book days if anyone was around back then to remember. I’m hoping I’ll ride it out and I will keep working to see the novel end. So no, I’m not dropping the novel UNLESS, if anyone wants to take over the translations you don’t even have to ask me. Just leave a comment to let me know so I can stop, and to let other readers know where to find your chapters.

With that said, I’m posting one chapter this weekend and will hopefully get to 170 by year end. In the meanwhile, here’s a pic of Norway if it makes anything better? I had the luck to be there last week and it was glorious.

26 thoughts on “Blog updates

  1. Thanks for your TL work. As eager as I am for updates, I got no place to pester or beg since I clearly can’t read/interpret the raws myself😙 Hope all IRL stuff goes well and if they don’t, ugh, I suck at advice so *happy best wishes vibes transmission* until things can turn around or a path opens up through the troubles

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  2. Amazing!! The picture is so cool! Thanks for sharing it!
    Good to know you still find time for yourself. Hope you will have more time to rest and wishing you get over the translator’s block. Since im reading without giving donations or something, i don’t have the right to demand anything so I’m letting you know I will patiently wait for updates and thank you for all the hard work! ❤

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  3. Hope you’re enjoying your downtime when you can. Thank you for all your hard work and it’s always a pleasant surprise to get your updates. I have no rush on the chapters since I found a summary of the end of the story some time ago which I can’t remember where but it’s helped me to have the patience to see the story unfold. If it’s helpful to other readers, perhaps you can give a summary for the rest of the chapters and your thoughts on the book overall? Or mid-thoughts as they are now about the characters without giving spoilers? However will that make you less motivated to translate? Whatever works for you. Feel free to give random updates on what you’re enjoying or reading or watching, it’s just nice to hear from you.


    • My thoughts on the book are in the chapter index page and they’re mostly still true. Other than that I don’t know how to opine without giving away spoilers lol
      Thanks so much for being understanding. And lol glad you are one of the few who like my random drama posts


  4. Well, although this particular heroine is not my favorite – I still want to know what happens without having to resort to the spoiler section of Novels Update – so I will hang on to the withered end. Take your time! My mom is a French teacher and very fluent. I know how much she slogs through when she translates literature so I completely understand. Recently, she translated a turn-of-the-19th century French novel for an elderly friend who claimed it was the one her mother read to her at night. My own mother said it was dead-on the most depressing work she ever read and couldn’t for the life of her understand how a mother read this to a child. She slogged all the way through, sent out the last chapters and the friend replied, “You know, I think it was another novel by the same author that I’m remembering.” My mom turned down the offer to translate it.

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      • Oh lol oops, I thought you were in some sort of life crisis. But even still, I hope life goes smoothly for you! I am 1/4 through my first sem so that’s funnnn lol. I think I might have to pick up routine translating again so I really need to become a good student (who doesn’t procrastinate), and fast!

        ALSO I got to Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost after I talked to you, but then I dropped it like 30ish episodes in. I know you must be disappointed in me XD. I can’t help myself; dropping just happens to me for no reason sometimes. I will try to get back into it but not now. I was actually really looking forward to the angst at that phase in my life but then I just couldn’t watch on anymore for some reason. I’m currently watching LOCH2017 because I have a very strange unexplainable wuxia addiction lately; I think I just like watching a closely adapted drama because I watched the 2007 version of LOCH first, and that totally scarred me now that I’m watching this more accurate version.


        • Hahaha it’s okay. We like what we like. LoCH is my first wuxia novel at the tender age of 9 lol. I have very fond memories of devouring book after book. 2007 was with Ariel and Hu Ge, yes? And 2017 is with the girl from Bloody Romance? I never got into the Hu Ge version. I was spewing mad that Bao Xiruo managed to escape the palace and alive enough to trade slaps with Yang Tiexin. Like… Where did all this drama come from 😂. And I get it that HR is known to be smart so they choose cute mischievous ladies to play her, but I will always argue for a beautiful HR not a cutesy one. Forever eye roll at people who try to argue with me that Mu Nianci is the prettier one. Please go read the books ffs. Lemme know how you like the newest rendition. I might hop into the train. I miss a good wuxia too.


          • I did like Ashes of Love tho back when I was watching it. Honestly I was getting triggered by the classic eye glare that kept manifesting in the side characters. And I also um accidentally spoiled some angst for myself so that was sad.

            Yep 2007 was with Hu Ge and 2017 is with the girl from Bloody Romance. LOCH 2007 was my first wuxia so I watched the whole thing without complaining lmao. Now though, I feel a little triggered when I think about how inaccurate the 2007 version was. I like the new edition because of its plot and I honestly love Hong Qigong and Zhou Botong (well it depends on when it is, but he’s usually pretty funny) so muchh. Tbh Guo Jing also makes me laugh bc sometimes he is just so dumb. I skipped the prologue episodes straight to when Guo Jing becomes a man just because I’m more of a “plotdigger” and the prologue seemed a bit unnecessary considering that the characters continue to flashback on it. I feel like Mu Nianci is supposed to be a super gentle and “weak”character but she honestly doesn’t seem that weak in this version. I am not really feeling Yang Kang and Mu Niancis relationship but that’s probably because I still remember Yang Kang and Mu Nianci from 2007 version 😂. Some of the slo-mo can get a little annoying and there was really bad cgi at one pt for one character but everything else is pretty good.

            Lmao that is an early age for an wuxia novel. Idk if I could even read it now, besides in English 😂😂. Planning to slug thru the Chinese sometime though haha. I think it’ll be my first wuxia I read ever so I’m looking forward to it. Watching the 2017 version has made me realize how much my Chinese has improved. Two years ago, I could hardly understand what they were saying but now I can understand like 90% of it without subtitles which makes me so happy.


  5. After all the work you have done I can’t imagine finishing this with a different translator. I am used to waiting for the chapters by now. Please continue. Norway is really beautiful–would love to travel there–and everywhere.

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  6. I am so late to the game! Thank you for all your translations! I appreciate the gracefulness and elegance of your translations! BTW, I read somewhere that you also translated 10 Miles of Peach Blossom from YeHua’s perspective. I would love love love to read it! I am so in love with that story! Please let me know if you are willing to share! Thank you!

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