Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Drama Talk

Hamster is exceedingly sad that my tumblr feed has no GIFs for Ashes. So my good friend and I decide to do a pimping post for this show (it’s really just our daily spazzing over Messenger 🙂


“What was given cannot be asked back. Moreover, what I lost to you is more than just a phoenix feather. Either you return everything to me, or don’t give anything back.”

Hamster: Is this your 2018 crack drama? Like… the one we’ve been waiting for since 3l3w? I know you were high on Oh My Emperor for a while there.

Superlatte: Definitely 2018’s crack drama. I can already see myself rewatching the best bits again many many times after this wraps up. Definitely what it looks like when an adaptation is done right.

Hamster: I was already rewatching clips on loop as we speak 😀

Superlatte: Ditto!!!! I can count on one hand the league of awesome (chick lits) novels that also became unforgettable dramas. BBJX, 3l3w, and this

Hamster: Top 3? I’ve been fairly happy with Gu Man’s modern ones too, but I don’t think you watch modern.

Superlatte: You know me too well. BBJX is the indisputable forerunner

Hamster: BBJX is too depressing for me but I think Ashes might trump Peaches if they don’t screw up the latter half

Superlatte: IKR? BBJX is definitely toxic for the health, can’t stomach a rewatch of that drama even knowing they married and got their happily ever after. Ashes is definitely leaving Peaches for dust atm, I don’t remember being this over the moon and giddy for YH and BQ. YH is awesomeness but BQ is a woman only he can love. He and his brother -lol- I see a common theme

Hamster: I think I do remember being giddy for YH and BQ… but mostly for YH. Whatever makes that man happy I’m all for. Whereas I’m really invested in Jinmi’s happiness here. Even though I couldn’t care less about her obliviousness in the book. I think it’s a good change that they made her oblivious without being unfeeling. Because she certainly cares.

Superlatte: In the drama you can see their untainted happiness when they are in each other’s presence, and for Jinmi, even though it’s a feeling she cannot recognise or name, she does worry for him and seek him.

Hamster: OMG the way they light up around each other. Even if she isn’t the brightest 💡




Superlatte: 🎄🎄 I had my doubts about this cast and it’s an overwhelming relief to be proven wrong! They bounce off each other with toe tingling chemistry

Hamster: Oh I never doubted this cast. Yang Zi is adorable. But who knew their voices were so good!

Superlatte: Yesssssss! *insert squeal* Her voice is adorable and his is dark chocolate… decadent, smooth, whispery, who said you need to shout to make an impression

Hamster: I can’t get over that scene where he fusses over her taking down the Fengling because it can protect her. Like all of a sudden his voice dips into this softness

Superlatte: Oh oh when they met in the flower realm for his farewell? (Yes!)

!!! She was literally bouncing a path to him and he by then had perfected the smiling fool for love look complete with puppy eyes and all.

I think what they have done to perfection is the one-on-one times of the OTP. You never doubted they were meant for each other. They just gravitate to each other and their conversation.

Hamster: Omg yes. I didn’t remember that from the book at all. I just thought Jinmi was super dense and stringing the guys along and there was no reciprocation ever.

Superlatte: Most of the trailers for Ashes have been 3-5 min clips of just the two of them talking

Hamster: I can watch them talk all day. And kiss… but I’ll take the talking too.

Superlatte: Ditto. I cannot get enough of those clips. The shadow puppet scene o.m.g Probably one of the cheapest scenes to make in the whole drama and one of the most memorable ❤

Hamster: Yeah, still dead. This is my ghost talking to you.

Superlatte: You are not alone hehe you know she is good when she can pull off 8eps with only her eyes and brows visible. And boy are they animated!

Hamster: Dude her eyes in that scene. They coordinate with her voice that threatens to choke. And then I remember what we put up with watching Guan Pipi.

Superlatte: *shivers* at the thought of that painful viewing. What a waste of a hot male lead on her… Cannot wait for the fans to do a mash up of all their scenes together once Ashes wraps up. THAT will certainly be on loop until the next crack drama comes along, which at this rate looks like once every year or two

Hamster: Someone made a compilation of YH’s swoony smiles. I’m sure they’ll make one for Phoenix

44 thoughts on “Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Drama Talk

    • Do you mean the Snake drama? Ashes is a classic so if anything is cliche then it invented it lol her character isn’t completely stupid. Her cognizance is simply suppressed and Yang Zi does a fine job portraying her character’s innate emotions while not knowing what they are. She is certainly not stupid in love in their current mortal realm stint. You should at least watch that!


          • Lol it’s cool maybe it will start off slow and end with a lot of viewers? The Story of Yanxi is still airing too so yeah might take a bit of time for people to get to it. Too many competitors at the moment to be honest.


              • I’m looking forward to “The Rise of Phoenixes” as well (it’s supposed to be better than Fuyao, right?), and (not a palace drama) I’m really looking forward to “Story of Minglan.” I lub that novel so much.
                Thanks for the post, btw. 🙂 Like you, the last C-drama I really loved was 3L3W (Ye Hua!!), and I’m a big fan of Gu Man’s modern adaptations (except I feel they didn’t really do “Boss & Me” right, like the other two). About BBJX… I’d rather not hear about because… way too sad. h/H spent infinitely more time apart than they ever did together, and didn’t even get to enjoy their long-awaited HEA. So yeah, not my cuppa (I’m shallow like that).


                • I’ve watched 4 eps of Rise of Phoenixes and I like it! A bit early still so I’m keeping my excitement low but the acting is of course top notch, and rather than Fuyao I would compare it to Nirvana in Fire but it feels even more nuanced/meticulous at these early stages, though with less heart-rending factors.

                  Ooh I also loved the Minglan novel. The big unknown for me is going to be Feng Shaofeng. How am I going to cheer for him against Zhu Yilong lol

                  I loved Boss & Me. That was my fav Gu Man adaptation simply because Zhao Liying and Zhang Han had fantastic 😍 chemistry, which is crucial for, erm, romance shows. If only Zheng Shuang could kiss half as well as ZLY…


            • It’s fever pitch popular in Asia at the moment reaching 402 million views on line! Probably from the smaller pool of die hards rewatching everything available lol 😂


        • That snake one I couldn’t finish watching, did you?

          Ignoring that her animated snake for resembles an oversized sperm more that a reptile, there was just something very unnatural and forced about that OTP, while here there is so much chemistry someone may combust! And I’m daydreaming of a reel to real relationship for these guys because serious how can you intently stare into the eyes of such beautiful faces and recite such romantic lines and kiss so frequently without feeling anything?! Oh my fangirl heart lol


      • I love when couple In human realm arc … lot sweet moment without someone bug in to ruin the moment but like always the 3rd party always there… i hate it when yue shen apair on front human jin mi 😑


        • Yay – Cuddles to a fellow fan!!

          I too was hoping we would get more OTP moments in the mortal realm given the Heavenly Emperor and his psychopathic empress are not around, the inconvenient fiancé/second fiddle is “mostly” not around & for once the flower nazis are are around to block them either… but they end up with new “filler” ppl instead, I kind of imagine them as the “beans sprouts and herbs” they give you at a Pho shop, everyone knows you didn’t come for that but they will feed it to you as a filler none the less 😂

          Though the OTP moments they do deliver are so sooooo preciously adorable that they inspire muffled squealing into a pillow… very grateful for the daily dose of 🦄 🦋🌈 heheh

          Thank you to the drama gods they have a healthy release of 2 episodes a night and 1 on Saturday, Hamster and I are complete goners and will probably suffer withdrawal symptoms otherwise hehehe 🦅🍇🐟


        • The empress and her niece are definitely annoying. And admittedly I hadn’t liked Night’s meddling either. But he was a darling in eps 23-24 when he intervened with her murder. Now if he only turns around and sees Guanglu we will all be happy


  1. Just dropping by to say hi and I see that you’re doing well Hamster 🙂 I’ve only watched really short clips and see gifs so far for this drama, but I’ll dip into when I get around to this lol.


  2. Yes iam just happy when night save jinmi in crucial moment that all …… yesterday eps 25-26 i forget that snake deity name 😅 he come in the right moment to ruin night plant 😉 …. but for today eps will be the sad one just the look in the trailer and the human realm arc will be end soon … goes to the heaven realm arc full of the conspiracy and broken heart for fenghuang 😭😭


    • Oh I know. We are all bracing ourselves and counting down to the day Jinmi stabs Phoenix so they can start anew in the underworld (like we were chanting for Susu to jump off Zhuxiantai lol) Hang in there!!!


  3. Hehehe thats why i really hope i can fast foward some part i dont want to watch …. so i can watch that scene early 😆😆 so that damn unfilling pill will be gone …. and fenghuang will not be sad anymore about jinmi not has feeling to him

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          • I feel the need to leave the reply here as the story goes.

            I dont know why Phoenix did that. Is he trying to save Jinmi by pushing her away?
            What does he want to gain by acting like a giant child? OMG, I am too upset by this recent development. Bring the old Jinmi back!

            Plus I think she has lost more than the other two, parents, love, colours, power, freedom…..

            PS: Deng Lun as a Demon Lord is my new kink.

            Yes, I am using yaya from the drama.


            • We are all as flabbergasted as you are about FH’s treatment of JM. I think he is angry but still loves her and doesn’t want them to go through the same pain again. You’re right that he’s acting like a giant baby, but I think he still feels betrayed so he’s lashing out for the time being. Wait till she dies, then he will know what an ass he has been.

              Haha yes, the demon overlord look suits phoenix very well


              • Have you watched todays episodes?

                God, I am boiling. Maybe the revival pill has additional ingredient to remove one’s IQ. I know it! We’ve been deceived


                • I saw Friday’s episodes. I haven’t seen Saturday’s ep. Omg the way she told him everything but he refused to believe her. And I can’t believe he used her flowers to propose to Suihe. Grr. Hoping for the day she stabs him.


  4. Hi Hamster, sorry for asking here but I don’t know who or where else to ask this:

    Is Shusheng Bar closed down for good?

    It’s one of my first sites I found for translated Chinese novels and I’m very saddened if ShuSheng bar is really closed…


    • Hi Itchy, it is indeed closed and the reason is that the website’s owner likely has not paid the hosting fee this year. Peanuts’ attempt at contacting her has been unsuccessful so that’s about all I know right now.

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