114 thoughts on “3L3W Pillow Book ebooks

  1. hello Hamster 248, thanks for the translation. I LOVE IT. I LOVE YOUR TRANSLATION. my friend too think that it is lovely novel. she has very difficult taste mind you ;). please please please, can you send me your translation of the novel that-shall-not-be-named. my email is inurhayati505@gmail.com
    the writer, Tangqi is making a comic manhua of version each blossom. perhaps it is the reason she discontinued writing moyuen and liansong.
    still thanks for the translation, you are gifted in translating perhaps you must translate for publisher so Chinese novel can be more known. good luck for you translating job


  2. Hello hamster 428, thank you very much for translating 3L3W, I have been looking for the English version of the novel until I came across your page. Pretty please if you don’t mind sending me the translation of the novel 3L3W pillow Book to my email (zyhebush@yahoo.co.uk). It just dat at work I the my network n internet are extremely slow, so it takes forever to load the page. Please.

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  3. Hamster 428 . Thank you so much for your translations . They are really nicely done. Could you also please send me the novel that shall not be named(Thanks Janelle-that-I-don’t-know-but-who-came-up-with-such-a-great-idea) to me at manuellatchona@gmail.com.
    Pretty please thank you so much
    God Bless you


  4. Ok I wasn’t going to mention anything but after receiving countless email notifications of comments from people asking Hamster for the 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms file, it finally made me snap (I’ve unsubscribed from receiving the notifications now). Hamster has clearly stated that she doesn’t have the file anymore and also not to ask for it, so guys please respect her and stop bugging her for the file. If I’m feeling this annoyed, imagine how Hamster would feel. No point, continuously pestering her for the file because she doesn’t have it anymore. If you really, desperately want to read the book, then you’d have to get the translated one by Poppy from Amazon (the Tangqi version). The end. Period.


    • If you’re asking about the link to the Pillows Books – she’s already included it in this blog post. If you’re asking about the Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms book, just get it from Amazon (I got it from Amazon since I had no choice but to read that translation. Although I would’ve much preferred to read Hamster’s instead since her’s is much much better compared to the one on Amazon – I can see that from her translation for the Pillows Book). Hamster has already mentioned in her previous posts that she doesn’t have that file anymore, so no point in asking.


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