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  1. hello Hamster 248, thanks for the translation. I LOVE IT. I LOVE YOUR TRANSLATION. my friend too think that it is lovely novel. she has very difficult taste mind you ;). please please please, can you send me your translation of the novel that-shall-not-be-named. my email is inurhayati505@gmail.com
    the writer, Tangqi is making a comic manhua of version each blossom. perhaps it is the reason she discontinued writing moyuen and liansong.
    still thanks for the translation, you are gifted in translating perhaps you must translate for publisher so Chinese novel can be more known. good luck for you translating job


  2. Hello hamster 428, thank you very much for translating 3L3W, I have been looking for the English version of the novel until I came across your page. Pretty please if you don’t mind sending me the translation of the novel 3L3W pillow Book to my email (zyhebush@yahoo.co.uk). It just dat at work I the my network n internet are extremely slow, so it takes forever to load the page. Please.

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  3. Hamster 428 . Thank you so much for your translations . They are really nicely done. Could you also please send me the novel that shall not be named(Thanks Janelle-that-I-don’t-know-but-who-came-up-with-such-a-great-idea) to me at manuellatchona@gmail.com.
    Pretty please thank you so much
    God Bless you


  4. Ok I wasn’t going to mention anything but after receiving countless email notifications of comments from people asking Hamster for the 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms file, it finally made me snap (I’ve unsubscribed from receiving the notifications now). Hamster has clearly stated that she doesn’t have the file anymore and also not to ask for it, so guys please respect her and stop bugging her for the file. If I’m feeling this annoyed, imagine how Hamster would feel. No point, continuously pestering her for the file because she doesn’t have it anymore. If you really, desperately want to read the book, then you’d have to get the translated one by Poppy from Amazon (the Tangqi version). The end. Period.

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    • If you’re asking about the link to the Pillows Books – she’s already included it in this blog post. If you’re asking about the Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms book, just get it from Amazon (I got it from Amazon since I had no choice but to read that translation. Although I would’ve much preferred to read Hamster’s instead since her’s is much much better compared to the one on Amazon – I can see that from her translation for the Pillows Book). Hamster has already mentioned in her previous posts that she doesn’t have that file anymore, so no point in asking.


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  7. Hi hamster!

    After not sleeping properly for 2 days just to finished reading your translation of Pillows, Im already done now and despite the lack of sleep, Im still floating in the air due to happiness Hahaha.

    Thank you so much for translating this, I can just imagine how many hours youve put into it and all I can say is that i salute you for doing this practically for free.

    Just to help us fans who cannot read chinese, pull through that tv series ending, you gave us this!

    Thank you also to all the people thats help you since day one, you guys, like really, from the bottom of my heart (and emo feels hahaha) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤

    Ps: the fact that theres almost no spelling mistake here makes me cry too with your dedication to make a squeky clean translation.


  8. Helo hamster, please please I want to read 3w3L your translation, I can not speak chinese I am trying, I had buy the original but still it is hard to translate, can you send to my mail cmanurung92@gmail.com

    Thank you because of you I can take a break 🎊🎁


    • Hi Hamster! Thank you so much for you dedication and hard work in translating the Pillow Books! It is such a blessing for someone like me who doesn’t know Chinese so thank you again!

      At this point, I really do would like to read your 3L3W translation, as I have read that your translation is much superior compared to the one on Amazon (and judging by your translation style from Pillow Book). From my understanding, it seems that you don’t have the file anymore, so if anyone here that have Hamster’s version, and would be kind enough to spare a few minutes to send to my email (misoju@yahoo.com), I would utterly grateful!

      Please please please and thank you so much!!


  9. Hello Hamster, I really like with 3L3W, unfortunately I can’t read chinese and I truly want to read your translation of 3L3W, would you send me the translation of 3L3W?please…My email is trifadin@yahoo.com….thank you so much before


  10. Hi, I love your work on pillow book , I was wondering if book 3 (lian song and Cheng Yi story) and book 4 (Mo yuan andshao wan ) will be release or not also I heard few chapters of lian song story has been released but I am unable to find it. can you please translate it aleast it will give general idea as to why they have not been together yet. Please I love third uncle without him there would have been no fun.


  11. Wow!! I have finished reading the English Novel version for Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. And I am currently watching the TV Series, I can’t wait to read this.. But I will be watching the series first, so I get disappointed this will console me. HAHA! and knowing they’ll be airing the Sequel of Ten Miles Peach Blossoms next year makes me so giddy with excitement!! yahooo.. thank you and God Bless you with translating this one.


  12. I read the books for 2 long days, haven’t sleep well during those times . I feel so high while reading the book. EXCELLENT TRANSLATIONS!!!! GREAT JOB. Thank you so much. Looking forward for book 3 and 4. But while crying for the end part I was looking forward to read more about GunGun. But I guess i have to wait for book 3 and 4


  13. Hello Hamster428 I love your translation. I loved to read the file that shall not be mention, can I get a copy of PDF of it. I will be very grateful, if so. Your translation got the feels and I loved to read more of it. pleaseeeeee. Here’s my account: jhenespinase@gmail.com. Pretty please, I finished the whole series, book 1 and 2, cause I’m currently addicted to chinese fantasy drama and historical dramas. please, thx.


  14. I don’t know why I didn’t watch this drama earlier. I remember I was still pretty obsessed with The Legend of Chusan and watching the second season because I wanted to know if BiYao would come back to life. I was so heart broken that I refused to watch any other drama. Then Princess Agent happened. I got bored one day and stumbled onto this drama because I was thinking of watching Nirvana in Fire. (Was pretty obsessed with the song Aging of Beauty by Liu Tao) Instead, I accidentally clicked on TMOFPB and I’ve been binding the drama and novel for close to 2 months now. I can’t seem to do anything else. I live and breathe TMOFPB. Ye Hua, I love him. T.T If anyone has Hamster’s copy, please email to me at lenangreg@gmail.com. I already bought Poppy’s version online and I’m still not quite satisfy. Help a sister out! TIA!!




  16. Hi, good day everyone! Especially to Hamster! I’m just wondering if anyone here can send me a complete translated English version of the book that must not be named. I badly need exclusively for educational purposes (a research which actually deals on plagiarism, hence, my need for the book). It’s just unfair to the original author if I buy this book, which I way I’m asking for help here. I searched and searched for a copy of the book on the internet, but I want to find a copy from legal sources only, which is why I’m asking for your help, especially to Hamster. I assure you all that this is purely for educational purposes. Thanks in advance! My email is charlottehannahayala@gmail.com ♥️


  17. hi! would anyone be so kind as to send a copy of the translations to me? i’ve just finished the drama i’ve fallen hard for the story hehe i’d like to see it in written form as well. my email is wjdslzhf1014@gmail.com

    thank you so much in advance !


  18. hi @hamster428, if it is not too much to ask, can you please send to me the translation for the novel that should not be named? please, i’ve been looking for it everywhere. i still wasn’t able to find the full version of the novel. i know that you said here in your page that we should not ask for it but still it’s worth a try, i’m desperate and you’re my only chance. here’s my email account cystiene13@gmail.com. i’ll be waiting for your message. i hope you will grant my request.


  19. Hello, i’d just like to ask if the translation of Ten Miles Peach Blossom by Hamster428 and To The Sky Kingdom by Poppy Toland is the same/made by the same person? If not, which is more true to the original (Tang Qi) version? How many chapters is there since i’m not sure if the one in scribd is complete. Thanks

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