214 thoughts on “3L3W Pillow Book ebooks

  1. I can not wait to start reading the pillow books. your blog seems to be the only place i can find the books in English. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into translating the novels in to English. I would love to own the books in English but as i can not find them in English my daughter and i are so thankful we stumbled across your blog with the books.


  2. Good morning! I am in the middle of reading your english translation of The Pillow Book. I looove you for making it possible for all the people (like me) that can’t speak and read chinese to still be able to still enjoy chinese novels. Do you know perhaps where can I find more ebooks or pdf files with english translations of c-novels? Is it possible for you to give me a chance to read also the thing that you don’t really want to hear about anymore? I promise I am a good girl and absolutely only enjoy reading your translations, I don’t share it anywhere. If you would be so kind, this is my email adress: baemiliaran@gmail.com. Thank you for your hard work and fighting!


  3. I’ve spent all day looking for an English version of these books, knowing I couldn’t afford them if I found them. You not only took the time to translate them for us, you gave them to us for free. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in to this project. You are my hero of the day!


  4. Hi! Thank you very much for translating the Pillow Book for us who can’t read Chinese . I noticed everyone is asking for a copy of the book that shall not be named which I realized is the 1st book in the 3l3w novel. If you can be so kind to me as well, please please please send a copy to my email annriadiaz@gmail.com I solemnly swear to keep it to myself and not share anywhere or to anyone. I only really love to read the english translated version to get a picture of the character’s love story. Thank you.


  5. Hello, thank you so much for translating this beautiful story! Your hard work is beyond appreciated. If it’s not too much trouble may I also get a copy of the book that shall not be named? I would be forever grateful!!!
    Rachelgreenberg5@gmail.com is my email. Thank you again!!


  6. I am a fan of Donghua Dijun and Bai Fengjiu after watching them in the successful run of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms in Netflix. When I read in fan threads that you have a copy of the Pillow Book in English, I immediately searched for it and I was not let down. Thank you for translating the wonderful love story of DongFeng and I hope the sequel will air soon by 2020.


  7. Hello,
    Goodday to all. So i was trying to find a soft copy/ebook/pdf of the book that shall not be named or 3l3w,tmpb if anyone have a copy of it, i would like to ask a few minutes of your time to kindly send it to my email rochaapril7@gmail.com. I promise that i will not cascade it to other platforms. I will just use it for personal entertainment. Thank you so much. Godblessed and goodday to all.


  8. Hi,

    Thank you so much for translating the Pillow Book!!!!! It was such a pleasure reading it! I love the romance and the humor. Thank you thank you for all your hard work!

    If possible, I would like to the read the book-that-should-not-be-named. May I have a copy of it? Please send it to sakura7aino@gmail.com.

    Once again, thank you!!!!


  9. I’m so sorry to disturbed you. May I ask for the book that should-not-be-named? I’m truly interested.
    Thank you so much for your hard work translating this awesome stories!! ♡♡♡


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