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Old Title: 《三生,忘川无殇》 Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion

Hamster’s reaction: Why?! Weisheme?

For whatever reason (they call it “publishing reason” but I don’t know what that means), 9LFX has taken it upon herself to revise Sansheng and double its content for her simplified Chinese version in Mainland China (I believe the original version was only ever published elsewhere in traditional Chinese / Vietnamese) and has given it a new title that literally means something like “Third Marriage Still Not Too Late.” Wow, even that sounds vaguely uninspired. Gimme back the strange title any day.

I get it that it was her first book and there were rawness, rough edges, whatever else that she’d want to refine when she eventually matured as a writer. But… 100,000 additional characters to the previous 80,000? o_0

The beauty of Sansheng is that it is something of a whirl. It is sweet, it is funny, it is sad, but it never dwells on any of those moments, and best of all, it leaves you wanting moar. It’s the type of writing that I dearly ache for in the common sea of dronerrrrrs. Wah wah.

So you can see why I might be dreading the changes. Why fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with? Can someone read the new version and let me know/spare me the misery? I’m curious if this will be a case of having nothing of value to add but insists on including it anyway to nobody’s benefit, or if it’ll be a case of the genius who reinvents something already mesmerizingly beautiful to utter perfection of exquisiteness that gives you goosebumps from now to eternity + 1. Jiujiu was never a phenomenal writer by any means. But with Sansheng, she was the unadulterated joy writer. And I’m just afraid all that joy’s gonna be diluted now with 100,000 extraneous words. Whelp whelp.

Disclaimer: yes, that was a secret shoutout to Yuzubear #sorrynotsorry

25 thoughts on “《三嫁未晚》

  1. Hmm… I totally agree with you. I like 三生,忘川无殇 just the way it is. It’s simply written, but has a lot of depth. I really enjoyed reading it. Yes, it was short, but that’s why I loved it. Even in those short chapters, a beautiful story was told!
    A pity that it’s being “fixed” to probably accommodate the nonsensical twists and turns that are prevalent in a lot of novels these days… But whatever. I will still stick to the original novel, as it’s the first one I’ve ever read to the finish (thanks to you, Hamster!). Of course, I’ve already it over several times already… Hehehe.

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    • Yeah, I dunno what is the public’s obsession with long drawn-out stories. Sometimes it makes sense, but a lot of times it’s just major droning to me. To the point is always on point, as I like to say 😀

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  2. I’m very skeptical as well. i adored the original version and is not sure if this new one will meet that same standard.

    At the same time, I am curious about it as well. Will the author now make their romance more complicated or add new character? Will there be new characters? etc. These are only a few of the question.

    I think I’m going to treat this as a spin-off rather than a revised version, lol.

    Hamster, will you be translating this if the story turns out okay?


    • Right? Wasn’t the original pitch perfect? I’m almost certain there’ll be new characters. She can’t possibly double the length without new characters and conflicts to talk about.

      THere’s still 2 years left of MGQ on the schedule so I don’t think I can add anything onto the plate. Re-translating is also a bother. I tried it once with 3L3W. Not fun >_<

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      • The original is always better. It’s like adaptations of books into films/drama. 95% of the time, the original is always better. LOL. in this case, it’s a big hit and miss, but more of a miss for me. why fix something that is NOT broken?

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  3. OMG yes Yuzuru is amazing. He’s one of the only skaters I like now. So many competitors just go through arm-waving motions to get the point and transition to the next jump (Gracie Gold…heh-hem what with the abrupt awkward arm flails?!). But Yuzuru! He’s so graceful and in-tune with the music, and he’s basically dancing! It’s not even just the awesome choreography. His performance brings all the technical elements (which are almost always perfect and spot-on btw) together into a fluent, wholesome piece instead of some weird choppy hybrid thing that people do nowadays.

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    • Arm flails are fail lol

      I’m so glad you got my references! Wasn’t sure if anybody watches figure skating these days haha. I’ve always known I like Chopin, and Mao’s Nocturne is absolutely breathtaking, but wow, Yuzuru is just Ballade No 1 personified. He filled every note and expression of the music; there is not a single gap in those 3 minutes. I never knew he could be capable of such nuances… but I am happy to be proven wrong.

      Who are the others on your short list of favs? I fell so in love with the tiny Shoma this season. He has such fluidity! and speed! and form! And I find myself obsessively watching his weird ass SP on youtube 😀


      • Haha I’m actually pretty generic. I usually only pay attention to skating during the Olympics. Aside from Yuzuru, I guess I just really like what’s her face…oh yeah, Kim Yuna. Her programs are just so clean. Sometimes I feel like her choreography isn’t original enough, or her footwork isn’t complex of cool-looking, and maybe sometimes she has a little too much arm waving, but honestly, I can deal with those shortcomings. Her arm waving is at least elegant and dance-like. And she’s pretty spot-on with the music-skate-timing and her programs really are so clean and fluid. It’s often very obviously ballet-heavy though, what with her arm/hand postures. I think the only real complaint I have of her, is that her spins are really really slow. Like they’re fine, but they can get so slow I’m just like, honestly it looks like you’re going to stop anytime now.

        With Yuzuru, not only are his jumps really pristine (lift, speed, distance, no hesitant landings etc), his spins are really so so so tight.


        • Kim Yuna became quite a revelation after she teamed with Brian Orser. She was so boring to watch before that. And then something just clicked for her and her programs and it’s like she finally got a personality >_<

          Yuzu's spins are phenomenal… esp coz he's so flexible and can do stuff like the donut spin or the Biellmann that other men can't really do. But TBH I love his intensity and presence on ice over all the technical stuff. Angsty Romeo circa 2012 is still my fav Yuzu 😅


  4. Waaah!?!
    She changed the title and made revisions??? What happened? I just hope she did that to do improvement but not because of the possibility that there might be a case of plagiarism. ( >.<')

    And it would have been better if she wrote a continuation/sequel instead, cause I want MORE of this couple!!

    But maybe, maybe -fingers crossed-, we should give it a benefit of the doubt, the revisions might be something REAL good. I just hope someone do a comprehensive review on the changes… OR not (will be deeply sad if it destroys the previous sweetness).


  5. I think it’s going to be great if that additional 100,000 word will be added AFTER the ending of the original version. Like a second book already. If it’s in the middle, well, a few will suffice, but if added even a deeper background story for the characters and side characters, it will become too much info already.


  6. Uh-oh. I was going to buy the book in Chinese since I really liked it. Glad to have read this post first haha. Do you know if they’re still selling the un-re-edited version?
    Worriedly awaiting someone’s review on the re-edited version to see what she changed. ^~^;


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