😱 What happened to Buy.com?

Besides becoming Rakuten some moons ago, it seems their inventory just completely vanished and now all you can buy from are third-party sellers?

I have to 😒 at the discovery because for the longest time Buy.com was my best kept secret for buying cheap mangas.

I was browsing just last month but decided to wait for a few more volumes to get released before batch-ordering them.

The website even remembers my search and the old prices:

But it’s like staring at an extinct animal now! Sad Hamster is sad.

Also, clean your Clarisonic! Who knows it can accumulate so much filth behind that ring?


2 thoughts on “😱 What happened to Buy.com?

  1. What is clarisonic lol. I read manga online, I own quite a few, 15 or so but that was from 2 years back. Prefer reading it for free and buying merchandise instead of the book haha. Anyway, stopped by to say Merry Christmas!!


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