Wei Wei and Da Shen part 2


I promise to not turn this blog into Weiwei Central. But with Peanuts the Gu Man expert gone on vacation, I need some way to channelize my obsession haha.

(For those who think bike rides are romantic, Yang Yang would like to say otherwise lol) ww10


ww03 ww04 ww05


(It seems they are adding more scenes? I don’t remember a billiard scene in the novel.)ww06

Or the weiqi playing in this Youku vid:

Gist of the content: Zheng Shuang avoids the media so they shall have to attack Yang Yang instead :)) But Yang Yang is down with a cold and sore throat.

YY: These days filming schedule is quite busy, on top of that I got sick.

Director: Sore throat, right?

YY: Yes.

Narrator: Although he has tried his best, it’s inevitable he can’t be 100% same as the novel character. Let’s ask him about the similarities between him and Xiao Nai.

YY: My dream came true coz I get to play a super-boss CEO :)) I think there are quite a few similarities between the two of us. For example when I was younger, I really liked to game and was moreover pretty awesome at it. Because there are many fans of the novel, I think everyone has his/her own view on this character. First of all, that’s a good thing. Secondly, when we complete filming, I hope the viewers can see our interpretation.

Narrator: Male God, take care of your health!

Okay I def didn’t mean to ‘translate’ the whole thing. I was supposed to just summarize it. Haha. <– bad at summarizing.

(These internet cafes must have super awesome graphic cards and processors for people to game on their PCs. This scene reminds me of college days when people would take up our school’s library computers to play Halo, and I’m waiting in line to print my class project -_-)

ww07 ww08(And I shall cap with this πŸ˜‰ I pray Zheng Shuang knows how to kiss)


22 thoughts on “Wei Wei and Da Shen part 2

  1. AAAaaaaaah! So much prettiness. He looks so cute when biking like a little kid lol. Three posts in and I’m already gushing over the male actor. I need to catch up reading Wei Wei >.< Zheng Shuang looking great as someone down to earth. Da shen is so tall *_*
    I remembered internet cafes in Vietnam. As for school libraries, I don't think students at my university can start playing games on the school computers since the university monitors the computers. πŸ˜›

    P.S. Since this is a wei wei post, I'll keep it short. Thank you for the mei gongqing chapters. I like where the story is heading. Team Qilang ! I'm picking based on his appearance(being first, lol).

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    • lol yeah, I don’t think you can actually game at internet cafes in VN, or maybe it has changed, but when I was there, you went there to e-mail and surf the forums bcoz you didn’t have connection at home… that was like 10 yrs ago tho haha.

      We def abused our technology policy like crazy. I remember printing fan-fiction to read with our school’s printer -_- and also got unlimited downloading at the dorm (whereas when I went for a summer semester at UCBerkeley, they told me their limit was like 10GB a month… and I almost fainted coz one drama that I typically download overnight would be 10 GB, and I would be done for the month after one drama T_T the horror)

      Heehee welcome to YangYang club aka the sheep herd. he has the nicest smile.

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      • Oh how 10 years have changed in Vietnam….
        I remember it was 5 years + (because it was way back then) that there were internet cafes where they have pre-installed games and you can log on and play with friends(for those who don’t have multiple computers). Now technology is advancing so everyone pretty much have their own computers at home with proper internet connection.

        Also, the drama downloading thing reminds me of that time when I was really,really into sageuks(those korean historical dramas) and I was dying to know the ending to the drama. I was downloading the last couples of episodes, but the size of those videos were so huge. I think back then it hits the 1-2 gb range. I stopped afterwards when I realized downloading the whole series cost me a lot of space on my laptop >.<
        As for printer, my university charges me for printing according to the page number so the printer's abuse wasn't so bad unless one wanted to fork up 30-50 bucks to print out a whole textbook(it was one solution out of the many that my friends suggested, lol). Technology has become so integrated that during finals week, connection were really bad. I'm glad I commute from home as it saves me the trouble of horrible signal quality, lol.


        • i would like to confess to the copious amount of dl I used to do but I’m afraid of leaving paper trails so let’s just say I feel you haha.

          Our school’s connection was never bad bcoz we’re a technology school to begin with. Our speed was always super fast, faster than what you can pay for with cable companies. In the summer when I went home I would cry for the lost of connection -_-

          Yep, I never knew how good I got it till they start charging $5 to print my transcripts. Everything used to be free in the good old days.


  2. The billiards scene is there (he mentally make a note never to let her play in front of anyone else), but the scene where she’s running was not in the book ^u^ (although that was your previous post, I think)~

    And I like your WWYXHQC posts~~


  3. I only just realised that the two were on divas hit the road 2 together lol, clearly never got around to watching it, but perhaps they already developed some chemistry from all the travelling together and can channel it into a beautiful romance here hehe

    Also I wish the media will leave the girl alone, why must they always mention the ex when a new couple is brought to light -_-

    But on a positive note – Yang Yang looks so damn attractive in that white shirt, casual with the sleeves rolled up and all β™₯oβ™₯ …I am so not going to concentrate on this drama when its out, will be too busy staring at his handsomeness XD XD XD


    • yeah, I thought that was kinda mean… I didn’t realize the media actually says something like that so frankly. (off topic, Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying also broke up and now he’s dating his XLN?)

      i know right? even if this drama sucks, I’ll probably be there just to stare at his face and tune out everything else.


      • Chinese media really are as blunt as they can get Β¬_Β¬
        And I heard! It just so happens that both Zhao Liying and Guli Nazha are in Up Idol / 偢像ζ₯δΊ† together too, and I saw previews of Guli Nazha being teased for her new relationship in the upcoming new episode. But putting that aside, although Chen Xiao and Liying never confirmed their relationship, they made such an adorable couple together, not that I’m one of those crazy fan shippers or anything, but if I remember correctly wasn’t all those skinship pictures of them taken during the filming of condor heroes too???

        Lmao like how I stared at Wallace Chung’s face throughout silent separation XD I personally tend to get bored of these novel turned dramas so easily when I already know what happens from reading (…is this just me??) and end up watching it only if the actor is good looking with great acting as the character to boot hehehe


        • I dunno, I quite enjoyed Shanshan Come Eat the drama πŸ˜€ Aside from the really boring business parts, I adored the on-screen OTP and sat through all their scenes. I thought ZLY did great to give Shanshan the endearment I thought was lacking in the book (I seriously thought Shanshan was missing a brain cell somewhere when I read the book), and FT’s inner monologues were great at making him more relatable.

          I’m also the woman who will seek out all the Pride & Prejudice adaptations even tho I’ve seen that story for the nth time haha. Will never bore of that formula.

          Yah, I remember seeing LY visiting on set (or maybe filming her cameo part?) and they were all handsy with each other. Celebrity relationships sure do change like the wind 0_o

          What is Up Idol? like a variety show? I don’t watch much except for Happy Camp. I feel so out of the loop lol.


          • Shanshan really is an exception, Liying was just too cute in it, the chemistry between the two completed exceeded my expectations and I agree that it added that little something that the book was missing πŸ™‚

            Lol if this is how we see with the few relationships that are brought out in the media, then I don’t even want to imagine just how many quick flings occurs behind the scenes as well

            It’s ok, it’s pretty new so it’s no surprise if you haven’t watched it, a reality / variety show which gathers together a bunch of female stars, Xie Na and Jiong laoshi from Happy Camp are in it too πŸ™‚ I started it soley because they gathered a unique mix of “idols” which made it seem somewhat interesting, but turned out to be quite a fun watch haha, Liying unexpectedly turns out to be such a sharp tongued one too, which earned her the nickname of Zhao Xiao Dao as in little knife Zhao XD


            • Omg yeah, I’m surprised that chemistry didn’t turn from reel to real for them.

              Ooh I should look that show up. It sounds fun. ZLY actually seems like a no-nonsense girl even tho she is so petite and cute in her dramas.


              • Well she is a really good actress when it comes to working up chemistry, although not so much in HQG since the romance in this one is wayyy too one-sided and talking to Bai Zi Hua is like talking to a brick wall, despite the emotional turmoils he also faces inside

                Lol no-nonsense doesn’t even begin to describe her, the very first moment she appears, she throws a few instant jabs, she’s the type that’s just so direct and doesn’t know how to sugar coat her words lmao but she’s still lovely at heart, Liying’s doesn’t get much air time but the other idols are really fun to watch too…and this is coming from me who doesn’t really care for female idols XD


  4. Any idea when this will be released? We have seen Da Shen’s F4 group. What about Wei Wei’s girlfriends? I wonder who is the actor that will play the role of her ex husband in the game? Thanks. Lovely pictures of the leads.


    • i dunno. They’ve just started filming, and post production work takes a few months after they end filming. And some dramas have a hard time getting broadcast rights sold to a channel, but I’m hoping that’s not the case with a Gu Man drama.

      Umm yeah those folks mostly don’t appear on campus IRL so I don’t expect to see a lot of leaked pics for them. Their scenes will be shot in studio later for the game part.


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