Da Shen and Wei Wei!

I almost hyperventilated this morning when I woke up to stills from the drama set!
This brings me back to college~ well, the one without Da Shen anyway -_-

(rofl this vid is funny... the director yelled "Cut" and he kept pedaling away.
And the girl who filmed it was like, "Why isn't he turning around?)




(Aha! So this is actually the short skirt/food bag scene).




(I love Wei Wei in this pic. She looks so down-to-earth I almost didn’t recognize she was Zheng Shuang.)


(And I’ve just realized she wears the same pair of shoes for all three outfits so far. I guess dormitory closets aren’t exactly spacious…)


(Erm… so I def can’t claim to be a true fan of the novel, becoz I can’t remember that Wei Wei ran?)

ww06 ww07


(I bet they are ooh-ing over Xiao Nai haha)


I’ve only seen Zheng Shuang in the Chinese version of Queen Inhyun’s Man. She was actually okay. I only didn’t like her voice (which might get dubbed here?). I’ve also only seen Yang Yang in The Four (2015). He’s okay too, except I’m a huge fan of his beautiful gorgeous face so I kinda can’t be trusted to be objective haha. Anyway, they both look really cute. No complaints here from this hamster. And in any case, I hope they have as much chemistry as Zhao Li’ying and Zhang Han as Shanshan and Feng Teng. And lots of make-outs please! Ahh… can’t wait to see them in gaming garbs. I actually don’t think filming the gaming part would be difficult since CGI sceneries and monsters (and not very realistic ones at that) are totally appropriate for an RPG game-verse.

(I did show you guys how Yang Yang would look in ancient garbs right? Here’s a refresher in case you can’t remember haha. Now excuse me while I go swoon for the nth time.)


28 thoughts on “Da Shen and Wei Wei!

  1. Oh! I didn’t know they are filming together?
    I like ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man’ and ‘the Four’, but I didn’t know any of their names (sorry, I just remember the faces).
    Personally, I think Zheng Shuang in Queen Inhyun’s Man is okay too, but here I might be a bit bias because I really love the Korean version, so yeah…
    And YangYang? What can I say…handsomeness is justice LOL
    Thanks for the update!


    • Rofl ‘handsomeness is justice’ true dat!
      I loved the Kdrama version too and the Chinese ver didn’t do it for me. But the little of ZS I saw in it was not offensive to say the least.
      They’ve only begun filming, so who knows when we will actually see it? Just hope it doesn’t get buried forever like Lichuan.

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      • Haha I’m so glad the existence of the Lichuan drama ver is not completely forgotten, these dramas sometimes get left and unforgotten at the bottom of warehouse, besides how dare they put to waste such gorgeousness that is GOD-frey Gao??!

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  2. These stills looks amazing, with just the right amount of youthful vibe, and I must say I’m glad to see Zheng Shuang looking like a healthy student here as well, I swear every time I see her in dramas, she’s always lying half dead in a hospital bed…

    Yang Yang I’ve seen in the Lost Tomb which was quite the disappointment of a drama considering the casting and huge novel series behind it, but his acting was good as the cool and quiet Qi Ying, not to mention being the perfect eye candy he is to boot ♥_♥

    I’m actually quite looking forward to this now >_<


    • I heard that no channel would buy the rights to air Lichuan in China for whatever reason. But that means these dramas get filmed before having a channel home? But that’s crazy! How much money they must’ve poured into these ventures?!

      I’ve not seen the Lost Tomb. But now I will youtube YY cuts haha.

      I’m looking forward to a lighthearted drama too. Too much angst in HQG these days.


      • Yeh! Didn’t they go all the way to switzerland or someplace cold like that? lol was there not talks releasing it online? Either way its such a waste of a seemingly great drama :/

        Ooh I’m sure there’s definitely a fan out there with all Yang Yang cuts, is he not in whirlwind girl too??

        And I’m totally with you on this one! I didn’t even bother reading the book after hearing of the ending, but still couldn’t help myself from the drama T_T


  3. i think that zhen shuang is way too slim…. not just like what i’m imagine wei2 to be.. hhahaha
    but she is not bad.. i like her acting at the cage of love with hawick.. Destined to Love You (nai liang ❤ ),The Queen of SOP 2, Ancient Sword (li yi feng ❤ ) and Love Weaves Through a Millenium..
    *may be its the outfit that make her like this) hehehhee
    ( in fact i have already imagine that Zhang Huiwen is wei wei when i read the novel)

    really glad to hear this 😀
    thanks for sharing the info hehehee


    • Well most Asians don’t have a bombshell body that GM describes WW to have. You’ll need to go to South America for that lol. I’m okay with her as long as she will act decently enough and have chemistry with YY.


  4. You mentioned a Chinese version of queen inhyun man, do you know the title? That’s my favorite korean drama and I’d love to watch the chinese version.


  5. does it bad that when I read the novel I already imagined ZS as Wei Wei.. hahaha..hope she act good in it..and her voice need to be dub..


    • Do what they will to her voice but I pray Yang Yang’s voice stays his own. He has the most zomg amazingly rich and velvety voice ever that totally belies his youthful face.


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