❄️ 2015 Snow Miku ❄️

This… is just a random bragging post. Haha, no need to read unless you share a love for cute nendos.

The 2015 Snow Miku finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I actually saw it a couple of months ago in Japan but since I already preordered one, it didn’t make sense to lug another home.


She’s so adorbs! I love the attention to detail in this design: the bells inside each lily bulb, the dew drops on her skirt, the snowflakes everywhere. I can’t quite decide between this one or her 2013 incarnation, which is absolutely unique and beautiful in her simple elegance.

Hee, I posed her according to this fanart with decent success:   
I played with her all morning, but my mind’s already on the next nendo! Days before she arrived, my bff texted me a link to preorder the Harvest Moon version (bcoz bffs are horrible enablers), which reminds me of HQG’s silly drunk dance. I just had to snap her up too. That hairdo! And costume! And mooncake! My shopping ban didn’t have a chance of lasting 😅



19 thoughts on “❄️ 2015 Snow Miku ❄️

  1. Eeeeeeee! So cute!!!!

    Love the hair colour n the snowflake prints on it!!! Out of the 2, I like the Harvet Moon one even more, with that beautiful hair that ends in pwetty clear tips and cute ancient costume (reminiscent of all the maidens in ancient dramas i love watching).
    *chants to self * “slippery slope, self control, slippery slope, self control…” >_<

    Knowing nothing of this stuff, I clicked on the link you provided, am I correct in reading that ppl have to enter a raffle for the "chance" to buy these things?????!!!

    Yes I am still watching HTC and know the exact cringe-worthy BO-dance-off scene you are referring to. I wonder if it was as awkward for them to film as it was for us to watch??


    • Oh no, you don’t have to enter a raffle. You just have to preorder it. These things are up for sale a few months before they get released, and you reserve one during the preorder period. For ex, the preorder for the Harvest Moon one is almost closing at the end of this month and will be shipped out in November/December. They’re made in limited quantities and popular ones go way up in price if you wait to buy them afterwards. *wink wink*

      yeah the Harvest Moon one is pretty, but she only got one standing pose lol. That’s pretty lame for a nendo. And she doesn’t come with a lot of props either. Some of the other nendos come with pets and riding animals too.

      Omg I was def thinking in my head “wtf is this?” And I grew up with this stuff! Chinese dramas really revel in their own corniness lol.


      • So where in Japan did you see the model above if they are limited release and made to order? I don’t think I would have the self control to keep stuff like that in their boxes to wait for the appreciation in value! You know the ppl that love opening packages? That’s me. My husband received a gift at work recently and when asked why he isn’t opening it, he’s reply was “I’m taking it home to the wife, she likes opening ripping into things!” Hehe

        A mate who collects comics has a great system, buy 2, one to enjoy, the other to invest. 😉

        That dance off scene… *shudders*
        She wasn’t just drunk, it was more like her drink was spiked! It’s like the costume drama version of drunk-texting… Definitely something to regret the following morning when you are sober! Still Shifu is smexy!! If Wallace was mine ( try reading that one without snickering at me hehe), I’m just saying IF, I would so ask him to bring his “work uniform” home! 😉


        • There are typically two ways to buy Snow Mikus: at the Snow Festival in February or through a preorder online (and receive in the summer). The ones sold at the Snow Festival are made in a set quantity while the ones online are made to order. So if you didn’t buy one directly from Goodsmile (comp that makes these), you can still find vendors who did and buy from them. But again, limited quantities so who knows if you’re able to find one and at what price. The one I saw was at a figure store in Akihabara, which is JP electronic/otaku town. My friend was looking for an Elsa (Frozen) nendo without luck though.

          I love opening packages too lol. It’s also believed that you need to take the PVC out of the plastic in order to let it breathe. Otherwise the paint can get ruined overtime. So yeah, I don’t keep these in boxes. My bff though, has so many that she simply can’t take all of them out to display, she also used to buy double for various reasons so if I come visit and sift through her basement I can usually walk away with a few for myself haha.

          Comics are costly! A thin issue only costs a few dollars, but how many of those issues must you buy to make a single volume, and then a series?! I collect manga which is only slightly better in cost… but still, these things only appreciate in two ways: a single issue becoming rare/OOP, and must be pristine in the case of comics, or becoming some sort of antique collector item, which still needs to be pristine in the case of comics. Manga readers are way careless with their books. Full sets are sometimes sought after, but the overall price isn’t that ludicrous.

          His work uniform? Like his white Taoist robe? lol
          Haven’t caught up with HQG since. Are you in angst land yet? I was watching an older Zhao Yi Ling drama where her OTP absolutely adores her and they have real kissy scenes to assuage the non-action in HQG 😆


          • What’s the name of that drama you are referring to? I need something more fluffy n lovey dovey to balance it out when things go down hill in HQG.. No angst land just yet, but since we have officially hit the half way mark it can’t be far off now. They are on that Giang Ho tour of theirs.

            I’ve always thought those Hanfu clothing (漢服) to be so pretty.. And if you were with someone like Wallace shouldn’t you offer to help him practice his lines and getting into character ? 😉 😉

            The stalker immortal chick has officially fallen from grace and to mark the change the show decided to have her sport some serious working-girl make up and that mark between her brow ( like the ones Viet ppl give themselves to supposedly alleviate headaches, though it always came across to me like a warning to “proceed with caution tolerance under fire” when I saw it on mum hehe)


            • It’s this one https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNB_-493QDHOSTz8j_n8rebknN2OGWkrw

              It goes by different names depending on who does the subbing/dubbing. Se Lam Nhan Duyen, Thac Diem Uyen Uong, Tro Dua Uyen Uong etc. It has Prince 9 from BBJX! lol. Ignore the 90’s feeling from costumes and directing. Just watch for the cute.

              Oh, you mean the fragrance fairy? I dunno why they made her so annoying in the drama. I don’t remember her being that clingy in the novel. She is a scorned lover, yes, but she kinda goes off on her own evil tracks doing her own evil things and was never antagonistic towards HQG. They also need to stop typecasting Jiang Xin as the scorned lover. I was proposing her for BQ in TMoPB before the plagiarism fiasco came crashing down. She’d be perfect for a cynical, world-wearied woman. Forget that Liu Yifei and Liu Shishi nonsense fans keep pushing for.


  2. Wow..I also have it, *rofl* she’s a cutie. My sister preordered this one (I’m late to the party), but suddenly change her mind and ask me if I want to buy it from her when it arrived, ~of course I want it~ haha. She fell in love with Harvest Moon after the new preorder announcement. lol
    Did you have miku previous version too?


    • The only other one I have is the 2013 one, her in the white bridal kimono.

      I don’t keep up with release announcements either so if my friend happens to tell me, I buy, if not, then I miss the boat lol.

      Do you collect a lot of nendos? Which other snow mikus do you have?


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