3 Lives 3 Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Review

I was going to write reviews, but then I’m probably going to end up with something of a mixture between ranting and bashing LOL.

Okay, so this I have decided will be my first post as contribution to the C-Novel community not counting my Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms theme song translation which is currently on Hamster’s blog.

Tang7’s novels were the very first Chinese novels I started out with specifically 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms. How I came to the c-novel world was kind of interesting. I was looking for random Asian songs on youtube and I came across a Pillow Book video and I thought the characters looked interesting especially with a male character with white hair so I googled it up. After a lot of searching and probing, I found sites like Hui3r and Shushengbar. I thought Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms was a novel I had to read before I get to the Pillow Book so I reluctantly forced myself to read a novel I thought was going to be boring before I could get to Pillow Book.

To my astonishment, after reading both books, I found myself like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms much more. Kind of ironic isn’t it? I just cannot bring myself to like Donghua Dijun. He is an asshole. I have a fine line between a “black-belly” and an outright douchebag. Granted, Donghua does redeem himself by the second book, but it wasn’t enough in my personal opinion. Fengjiu also annoys me.

So I thought, to celebrate my joining the c-novel as Little Winter or Khue-Tu Tran, I should start with a review on my very first c-novel.

Since this novel was my first, I thought it was really good with an attractive male lead like Yehua and I originally thought no other author could possibly write as appealing books like Tangqi Gongzi. Of course, after reading a lot more c-novels during these past months and getting addicted to it and living my life as a zombie, Tang7’s novels don’t really appeal to me anymore.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms suddenly became not so great to me. I realized the plot was quite inconsistent and the characters sort of flat and bleh.

The novel started off with Suzu or Bai Qian Qian (the female lead) reminiscing her past with Yehua and how she came to lose her eyes. I hated Yehua then and never imagined he would be the male lead. I thought he was just some side male character the female lead will get over and she will end up with another guy.

Boy, was I mistaken lol.

I think what made this novel so attractive to me was the fact that the male lead did something utterly unforgivable and it makes the readers despise him only for everything to be revealed in the end and make the readers weep with angst and guilt. Especially the female lead.

But like I said, after reading more c-novels, I found much better consistent ones. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms had weird filler scenes with characters like the Demon King that are quite boring in my opinion so I skipped those parts.

Bai Qian Qian’s character was terrible in my opinion. She is so indecisive and tends to lead on and is always in denial. Not mention, I feel she has too much free time.

Same with all the other Gods and fairies or whatever. I thought God and fairies should be busying themselves with watching over mortals and other work? Why are they bothering with trivial love affairs night and day?

As for Yehua’s character, well I found him attractive at first, but now? Ehhh, not really. I feel he is just another ideal Chinese male who is good-looking, good at martial arts, cold to everyone except the female lead, perfect in every way, has AT LEAST three females after him, etc.

You know, the typical Chinese perfect male lead that pretty much exists in every single Chinese novel.

I feel that he keeps way too many things hidden and even by the end of the novel, he never explains why he took her eyes. Us readers understand why, but does the female lead? Good relationship = good communication. Yehua and Qian Qian has not reached that point yet.

I might as well say this here since this all relates, but the present me holds Tang7’s work in disdain. Why?

1) All of her works have catty, snooty, bitchy, poor characterized, plot convenience side female characters. Examples include, Sujin(10 mi of peach blossoms), Ji Heng (Pillow Book) and the mute girl in Hua Xu Yin. She always adds these poor females that the audience loves to hate just to make her main female lead look better. Honestly, that shit is getting old.

It has gotten to the point where I feel sorry and love the side snooty female characters more than the female or male lead cause they are just made to damn perfect because they are the main characters.

2) Tang7 focuses on the outer appearance way too much. She puts such great emphasis the beauty on her main leads. I have yet to see a plain looking female lead from her or at least a female lead who doesn’t constantly acknowledge her or his good looks. Don’t get me wrong. I am find with naturally beautiful characters, but Tang7’s way of displaying it just rubs me the wrong way.

For example, in the Pillow Book, there is another side female character who is in love with Donghua, but is actually his adoptive sister I think?

One of the characters in there literally said that the adoptive sister is “ugly” compared to Fengjiu so that is one of the reason why she lost to Fengjiu in earning Donghua’s love.

Yes, he literally said that. I’m sorry Tang7, but that is just so low of you. My respect for you has gone out the window.

3) I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but none of the female leads in 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms or Pillow Book seem to acknowledge that they have a child to take care since they are too occupied with worrying over their love lives.

Exhibit Little Dough and Bai Gun Gun.

Qian Qian and Fengjiu just left them there or neglects them like when Bai Qian Qian was depressed after Yehua’s “death” or Donghua’s near death and Fengjiu wanted to die with him. Hello? You have a child to look after?


4) I feel Tang7 tries too hard to be wordy and elaborate with her writing to the point where I just don’t understand the language anymore.

5) Too much love triangles.

Okay, end rant/review. These are the major reasons why I don’t enjoy her novels anymore and think they are highly overrated.

Btw, I believe Hamster428 is now my landlord. 😀

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  1. So much hatred? Haha. although i agree that they are bad mothers, honestly, i believe FJ should have not reclessly went in to die when Gugun does not even know his grandparents to take care of him in case she dies. Its like he’s gonna be left all alone, poor child.

    Are you gonna take up a translation project too?


  2. Interesting take on it! I agree that there were a lot of unnecessary filter and such (as well as heavy trust issues lol) but for me my biggest complain is that there weren’t more happy moments. XD (suck for HE) There was angst, misunderstanding, hating, confusion and it went all in a circle till even near the end I thought it would end sadly 😛 haha I also feel that here wordiness is her take on trying to re-create and build a bigger and fuller world for our misguided/confused protagonists 😛 Well I can’t complain much because the ending was “happy”, but more would have been nice XD


    • Yes, that is Tang7’s signature style. Angst and misunderstandings and tears and in the end, it is always the female lead who has to feel guilt and shame. 😓
      She and the author of Eastern Palace would get along so well.
      I really like Hua Xu Yin though~


      • Ah translations for Hua Xu Yin have yet to be up so I can’t read them, isn’t it angsty/sad ending though? >~< The poor leads :c


        • It is soooo sad, I was an emotional wreck after reading Shen An and Song Ning. And I thought Pillow Book 2 left me feeling black and blue!
          The English translation is on major hiatus and so I cheated by reading the Vietnamese ebook. 😛

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      • I wouldn’t say Tang7 is angsty… Angsty is Tong Hua and Fei Wo Si Cun. T7’s more known for her lyrical and philosophical style, which translates into a slightly more difficult prose to read because of the poetic and religious jargons that come along with it. Sure, there exists tragedies in her writing, but she never ends a story devoid of hope, and always has enough humor to keep balance, which keeps her novels firmly out of angstville. I believe her only major misstep has been PB’s ending, which took the cliche route of a spurned 2nd lead and OTP misunderstanding. With that said, in the grand scheme of things it really fits the couple’s situation because they are both flawed individuals whose relationship was built on shaky grounds to begin with. It only took one misunderstanding to bring it crashing down. I think certain things shouldn’t be taken at face value, and sometimes a more sympathetic view within the situational context might lead to a different perspective.

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    • I love the book too. I finished it in 2 nights ☺️ I couldn’t stop reading it. I was so moved by the side story about Yehua. I’m glad the writer added that chapter to let us know how deeply Yehua’s feeling from the first time he saw Susu/Bai Qian. Thank you for translating it, Hamster428!

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  3. TMPB is the first of Tang7 book i read after reading the synopsis in shusheng bar. Am so grateful that Hamster is translating it. After reading Tong Hua’s novels, i feel TMPB is okay, not too angsty.

    I prefer TMPB over PB cos i don’t like dijun. Despite Ye Hua’s aloofness, he never acted as black belly towards Bai Qian.


    • Yup, Pillow Book was nothing like I dreamed it up to be when I saw its beautiful art. Yehua was too aloof and typically Confucious for my taste, but at least he treats Qian Qian well.
      I tend to stay away from Tong Hua’s works since her plots turn me off and Best Time Drama was a nightmare aside from Wallace Chung.


      • Lol, the review was on point! I was confused as to why so many wrote rave reviews about it. I saw nothing in TMPB and PB. It seemed a sort of escapist fantasy, and wasn’t really complex in its world building. The points you mentioned are exactly the problems I saw in both the books.
        I know it has been years since you posted this, but you should try Tong hua’s Lost You Forever. It’s a slow start, but gradually and surely the story sucks you in. It’s one of the best written books in my shelf.


  4. Well. Different readers have different taste. Even a classic like Romeo and Juliet becomes bland after reading many times. But however it is still a good novel. The same with TMPB which definitely does not reach the classic level, however it is still enjoyable to read in a way.


    • You can read the summary on OneSecondSpring blog. The translation of the book has been take down because TangQi plagiarized the book. and if you look deep in Hamster428’s blog, she has written about the plagiarsm and you can read why she has taken down her translated work.


  5. Hi thank you so much for translate this novels…..

    I have 2 question
    I want to start This series of novels with which Volume must I start?Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms?
    This novel has third volume?


    • Best is to start Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms – I’m planning on reading it once I find the English translation (or read the manhwa). For those that would rather not read, I really recommend the C-drama that recently finished. It’s the exact same name: Ten Mile Peach Blossoms/Eternal Love. I thought it was AMAZING (Mark Chao plays an AMAZING Ye Hua and I believe it gives you a lot more backstory and clear understanding of his character and reasoning) and was what prompted me to search for the novel that it was based off of.


  6. hi, does anyone have the english translation for the book? if you do please have a kind heart to send the draft to my email rachelleeemail@gmail.com, those translation is for my sister who being hospitalized, so she can read it while she recuperating from her illness.
    i’ve already search it but i couldnt find it, so please if anyone have the full translation could send me one. thank you before.


  7. I wouldn’t call Tang7’s novels overrated, I’d say Tang7 just knows who her target audience are and hits the right buttons. Most of her novels have beautiful female leads who don’t study but are still skilled, perfect male leads who only care for the female leads. Then when the women have kids, they don’t need to worry about the kids because the men are too perfect they do it all, if the men don’t care about the kids and go kill themselves (erhemm… Ye Hua…), that’s ok too, because their families are rich enough to take care of any consequences.
    Males don’t read these novels, critics have nothing to say because there is NOTHING to analyze. There’s no themes, no merits, just guys chasing after girls like crazy. The characters never learn, their flaws are superficial.
    It’s wish-fulfillment and amateurish, but I guess it’s suitable for a certain group of audience.


  8. Ahh, i just watched the novel, and i noticed something like you said but not so deep, because i don’t readed the book till now. I really loved the novel, i’ll try read the book, but after all you said, im afraid note the flaws in the script, but i’ll try anyway.


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