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First of all, I would like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Thank you for following my posts on Livejournal and now on WordPress. I appreciate each and everyone of you, whether you’re a lurker or regular commenter. It’s been almost 3 years since I posted the translation for the first chapter of Three Lives Three Worlds. It was pretty bad, and subsequent chapters continued to be bad, but by some miracles you guys stuck it out with me and here are we, 3 years later, new blog, new book.

Ahem, so secondly, if you’re waiting for the next chapter of Wangchuan Wu Shang, it will show up in 2015. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the Book Club tab under the Menu if you haven’t seen it. It has a list of all the c-novels I’ve read to date, with my favorites highlighted. English translation isn’t guaranteed for all of them, but some are worth keeping an eye out for.

Thirdly, but the whole point of this post:


Author: V. na Pramuanmarg
Translator: Tulachandra

I finally finished typing up the first volume of Prissana! (And now begins the wait for the thicker second volume -_-)

For those who don’t already know, this book is the source material of my favorite Thai lakorn (English hardsub) by the same name. It was written by Princess Vibhavadi Rangsit under the pen name V. na Pramuanmarg when she was only 18 years old while she was on break from school due to the outbreak of War World II. It is very reminiscent of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, but is distinctly its own in its warmhearted, genial way.

Since I do not own the translations of these books, I don’t feel comfortable distributing PDF files for printing and thus will only be making epub and mobi files available. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy reading this charming story as much as I did. See you in 2015!

[epub]          [mobi (Kindle)]

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  1. Happy Holidays!

    This is really surprising! I remembered picking this Prisana book (ปริศนา) from my mom bookshelf since I was little. The lakorn( tv drama) has been remade two times already, the last one by more than 10 years ago, but there will be the remake one soon from what I heard.

    It is a heart warming story between one of the royalty and the girl who was sent to stay with her uncle since little in US because of the family struggle ( not that dramatic). The story started when she come back to her family and living with her other three sisters around 1960s. They are at the age of enjoying their life of work, love, family and friend.

    It is fluffy and heartwarming story. I have reread this book many times and totally love it.

    P.S. The princess who wrote this book had died from the fall of helicopter that was shot from torrerist. She was on her way to aids people in the war area between local people and terrorist.


    • Yeah I rewatched the drama (with Tik and Taya) too many times lol. (But I think you mean the 1930s not 60s since the story began in like 1938).

      I read that about the princess from wikipedia. I have so much more respect for her after reading her biography.


  2. Wow what a wonderful Christmas surprise! I’ve devoured the book and love it so much! I adore Prisna. I was afraid she’d be unlikeable like Lydia in P&P or self-absorbed like Cynthis in Wives & Daughters. I hope Pravij improves himself in the second book because he is so undeserving of Anong.


    • I’m so glad you love it!
      Lol Prisna is a cross between Lizzy from P&P and Emma from Emma. Pravij eventually realizes his folly, but yeah, he is kinda frivolous and most of the time I also think Anong is too good for him.

      Go watch the lakorn!


  3. Thank you for typing up the Eng translation to this wonderful book. I also love the lakorn with Tik and Teya. Is there really going to be another remake of this drama soon? Can’t wait! I just love this story.


    • They’ve been talking about a remake since 2011 (with Yaya’s name thrown around as Prissana) but I have no idea if and when they’ll really do it.

      I’ll be all over that lakorn lol


      • Yeah, I be all over that lakorn too. lol

        Really love reading this story. I’m up to chapter 24 now. Really can’t get enough of Prisna and Tan Chai.

        BTW, is there some sentences missing from chap 24? There is one part where is seems something is definitely missing.

        I’ll post the part here for you to see.


        The page boy hesitated. “Tan Chai has arrived, Your Serene Highness.”

        “What?” the girl cried. “Have you seen him?”

        “Yes, Your Serene Highness. He wanted it to be a surprise. That was why I did not say anything at first. But you insisted, Your Serene Highness.”

        Prisna nodded.

        “I’ll go and get him,” Ratanavadi volunteered and took off immediately.

        Prisna looked after the dwindling figure of the girl on the bicycle without saying anything. She was beginning to realize how glad she was about Tan Chai’s being here and that mere words would never be able to describe her feeling at this moment. The knowledge disturbed her.

        Slowly she turned to face him, and saw that Tan Chai’s gaze had been fixed on her all this time. She tried to think of something commonplace to say to him. And in all probability he was doing the same.


        Prisna was back in her bungalow with her family while Tan Ying was called back home to meet Tan Chai. But in the next sentence, Prisna was right there with Tan Ying again, and Tan Chai was there also when Prisna turned around. I got really confused at this part. Did I miss something?


          • Oh, thank you! The drama followed the book pretty closely so that’s why I was able to notice something was missing. And boy! You are fast! Thank you for updating it so quickly.

            I finished reading book one already. It was really good. Can’t wait for book two! The book has so much details that I didn’t know from the drama. I didn’t know Tan Chai was 10 years older than Prisna, that was surprising to me. And he has a moustache and smoke a pipe, Tik didn’t do that in the drama also. Lol.

            One question: Is her name Prisna or Prissana? The different in spelling confuses me at first. lol

            Prisna’s mom and dad had a really lovely and sad romantic story. I wish there was a story about their romance, I’d love to read about them too. Prisna’s mom is amazing, I can see why her dad opposed his parents and married her regardless of family opposition. Prisna’s uncle is great too. It’s too bad he will remain a bachelor forever.

            Once again, thank you so much for posting this English version of the book. Really appreciate it!

            I think I will watch Prissana the drama again tonight. Reading the book makes me miss the drama so much more. It’s definitely my favorite lakorn too.


            • You’re very welcome!

              A Thai reader told me that the author modeled Tan Chai’s image after actor Errol Flynn. My immediate thought when I read the book was Clark Gable, but I can see where Errol Flynn came from. They have the same Rhett Butler vibe.

              As for Prissana vs. Prisna, they’re just different romanizations of the same name, like Praweet vs. Pravij. I prefer Prissana since it’s closer to the way it’s pronounced, but I kept all the romanizations the way the translator had them.

              Prissana’s mom eventually talked to her a little bit more about her dad. I think their story’s really sweet too. I think the entire family (minus paternal grandma) is awesome.


  4. Wow… I am so glad to hear that there is an English version of this lovely novel :)).

    And u know, there are actually 3 stories (novels) V.N.Pramuanmarg wrote (just like three life three world) : Prissana, Arnon ( the bride of Arnon), and Ratanavadi.

    The second novel takes place after the wedding of Prissana, where Arnon receives Prissana’s bridal bouquet :). In this story, you will get chance to be acquainted with Prissana’s paternal family (the oldest uncle’s) and grandma..

    The last one is the story after Tan Ying finishes her school and travels to UK & EU (and eventually meet her man – another ‘Tan Chai’). If you do ‘love’ Prissana, I believe you cannot deny the temptation of falling in love with Tan Ying story too.. (like I do dearly).

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    • I did hear about the other books in the series, but I don’t think they’ve been translated, unfortunately. If any Thai fan wants to translate for me, I’d be happy to read them lol.


  5. Kya!! Hamster, why did you have to revive this obsession? Now I have to hunt down the lakorn to marathon through! You can’t imagine how tickled I was when I saw this post and learned that the lakorn was based on a novel. The Tan Chai in the novel reads even more swoon-worthy over. What a romantic! How awesome is it that this is a man who is in tuned enough to know that he is searching for love and won’t settle for anything less and he can even verbally admit to that! And how cute is it that he just can’t seem to figure Prisna out. She’s such a character too and doesn’t waste any opportunities to tease him. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Teehee spreading the Prissana love and keeping it strong is my mission 😉.
      I don’t remember the book too much, but the scene I’ll always remember is when Tan Chai in the lakorn tells Prissana something to the effect that he isn’t looking for some perfect paragon, but he’ll love the girl he loves his entire life and he hopes she’ll accord him the same honor. And u know that’s when I’m a goner 😍 When he puts it that way, it’s no longer cheesy BS. Anyone who sees receiving someone’s sincere affection as an honor is an A-class gent in my book. All mothers shud raise their sons to be this glorious 😂


  6. Hello. Hope you are doing well.

    Just dropping by to let you know that the new Prissana series has come out and it is currently airing. The first two episodes are available to watch on youtube in HD. It seems they will make the three books in the series into drama. After Prissana’s story, it will be Anon’s then Tan Ying’s story.

    I already saw the first two episodes and I didn’t get the same feel as I did with Tik and Teya. They change the story quite a bit and the pace is definitely faster. In Tik and Teya version, the OTP didn’t meet until episode 4, but in this one, they met already in episode 2.

    I hope book 2 is going well and thank you so much for all your hard work typing it up for us.
    See you around.


    • Eeee, omg, I’m gonna look it up! Thanks for telling me. Yeah, Tik and Teya’s version was very faithful to the novel and I loved the slower pace. I guess we’ll see how the new one holds up with a few more episodes. I’m 30% done with typing Vol 2. Slowly but surely lol.


    • I just watched the first two eps! Hmm, so you’re right, they consolidated a lot of the story so things go a bit faster. But it’s just not the same! Praweet was supposed to be smitten with Anong and try to find her in Bangkok before he went googly-eyed over Prissana. Here, it makes it seems like he was just on friendly terms with Anong. Tan Chai also should’ve heard a lot of things about Prissana, making all sorts of assumptions about her, before he got to meet her.

      I also don’t know how I feel about the cast. I miss the old Prissana’s glorious mass of hair. She’s not just a pretty face, she’s supposed to stick out with her strangeness too. Coz the family always went on about how she doesn’t look like any of them. I feel like this Prissana would’ve made a better Siri.

      And Tan Chai looks so sleepy all the time. He seems to be more age-appropriate for the role than Tik was, but the man needs to eat some energy bars haha.

      Also prefer old mom, old Anong, old Siri, old Ratanawadi, and definitely old Ratee (she was a h00t).

      Haven’t decided on Praweet. This one is cuter, but I’ve yet to know if he can be as endearing as the old one.


      • Lol, it seems like you read my mind. I feel the same way too. Yeah, I miss the old casts while watching this.

        So, there are 4 episodes so far, and I can tell you that I definitely prefer the slower pace. In the old series, the slower pacing of the story allows us to see the special bond between Prissana and her sisters. In this one, I feel it is missing. Four episodes in and I barely got to see Prissana’s oldest sister. I actually like Prissana’s oldest sister so I really miss her in this one.

        As for the new Tan Chai, he just doesn’t give off the princely vibe for me. And yes, he does seem sleepy most of the time. I miss Tik the most while watching this new one. lol

        I will continue to follow the drama though because I want to see the story of Tan Ying and her love interest.


        • Yeah, I tried. It’s just not working. They have no chemistry!

          I liked Ubon too, esp whenever she gave her hubby a hard time lol. But she was barely around as they moved to Chandaburi so I don’t think she’s that critical. It was mostly the other 3 sisters that the story revolved around, and yes, I loved the sisterly camaraderie as well as cat fights between Prissana and Siri. They felt so much like real sisters!

          I guess I’ll wait for the other 2 series. I wonder if they’ll use the same Tan Ying in this one for her grown-up version?


  7. Oh well, I just realized The new version of lakorn Prisna was already out.
    I have to check it asap.

    Hamster, I want to recommend you to read Rattanawadee the sequel of Prisna if you could find english translation version. I just finished it (again, like the 4th time) and really love the story. The protagonists is Tan chai’s sister, Rattanawadde and a friend of Tan chai, Danaiwattana. They met in Europe after Tan ying finished the school. The story go on by some letters they complain each others to Tan chai Poj. That’s so funny, cute and so sweet.
    I read another sequel too, The Bride of Anon, it’s a good story but I didn’t love much. The story is too serious for me, not as romcom as Prisna and Rattanawadee.

    Hope you enjoy your day 😀


      • Well, I swear I tried to translate Rattanawadee for you, from last month til now, but apologize for my hopeless of english skill. The progress is like 0.0002% :\ Royal words is difficult for me. The old royal words is moreeeee difficult.
        But they said the lakorn is beautiful. I didn’t even watch (because of I can’t accept Tan Chai in Prisna ne version) but everybody said the scne in Rattanawadee is extraordinary.

        Anyway, There is a thai fantasy novel translaion project I just found interesting. It’s ‘The Thief of Baramos’
        The translator did a good job. If you interest just check it out. ^^


        • thank you for the link! I will add that to my reading list.

          Maybe I will have to watch the lakorn if there is no book to read =P aww, but thank you for having tried! It’s the thought that counts *going off to youtube*


  8. Thank you thank you!!! This is one of my all time favourites..I love the lakorn with Tik…They had such great chemistry…when I found your ebook today and started reading it…it felt like watching the lakorn all over again….There are sadly no translations for Thai novels ..
    I started watching the 2015 version full of anticipation…because the actor that played Tan Chai was great in other lakorns..but O_O wth….I have no idea who did the casting and also who was responsible for the costumes and the script..but in my eyes…they butchered this wonderful story…the casted people didn´t fit their roles…and the ring..the ring this Tan Chai wore..everything he wore was just horrifying..I kept staring at the ring, each and everytime I saw him O_O and then there was also no chemistry between the leads….

    Ahhh…but now I have this first volume thanks to you!!!
    I have great respect that you translate so much and then also typed up the first volume of this novel!!


    • lol I must’ve missed the ring. I kept staring at his droopy eyes. Yeah, there was definitely no chemistry btw the leads. It was pretty disappointing.

      I’m glad I can share this wonderful novel. I have 10 more chapters to type for the 2nd book~ hopefully will get it done by the end of the year -_-


  9. OMG I love you. Ignore my previous post. I hadn’t checkout your tumblr, when i posted it. God bless. I have been looking for this since 2013 when I watched Prissana for the 1st time. I had no luck. But one day I came to your site looking for the T7 book only to find this gem. wow. so happy. thank you so much


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