A Jane Austen lakorn? Hell yes~

For the past several days this little lakorn has been responsible for my daily 4 hours of sleep.  I would have the bad habit of not being sleepy at 8:30, therefore popping in an episode, get hooked, and stay up 'til past midnight -_-  But you guys!  It's past midnight now and I'm still flailing.  I don't know when was the last time I legitimately flailed like I'm doing now.

Prissana is such a charming and delightful drama – like having a breeze pass over you on a lazy summer day.  It seriously could pass as a BBC series… in fact, it's totally Pride and Prejudice with a dash of Emma.  And knowing me, I'd lap up P&P in any language, no question asked.  But umm… before you get into this one, just be prepared to accept/ignore some era blunders.  That, or pretend it's set in the 1970's instead of the 30's.  To make their point about Prissana being the strange Americanized girl, they have her prance around town in short shorts for half of the drama (she finally stopped doing so in public from episode 10 on, thank God).

I'm sure clothes haven't gotten that outrageously short during that time, even in America, and even to play sports in:


And don't ask how I know… but tennis balls weren't yellow until the 70's when televised matches were introduced, they were white.  Hardcourts are also a pretty recent thing.  They made the blunder once when they played on a hardcourt surface at Prince Puth's home.  Add to that some modern background music and I can't take the year 1938 so seriously anymore.  So I just put the timeline out of mind altogether.  It seems counter-intuitive, but everything makes more sense that way 😀

The story revolves around a family of four sisters and their various lovelines, the main one being Prissana and Prince Puth.  This lakorn goes at a very leisure pace… Prissana and the prince don't even meet until episode 04.  And I love it!  I love the slow burn, the anticipation, the steadiness of their developing relationship.  Prissana is a cross between Lizzy and Emma.  She's intelligent & bold like Lizzy, but young & willful like Emma.  Her sister Anong is the sweet-tempered Jane.  Prince Puth is of course the proud Mr. Darcy/patient Mr. Knightley.  Praweet is a strange mixture of lovesick Mr. Bingley and the womanizer/freeloader George Wickham, and perhaps a dash of slick-tongue Mr. Elton.  No amusing Mr. Bennet nor gauche Mrs. Bennet here, but there's an overbearing aunt and a conceited interloper to complete the chart.

Boy, this has got to be my favorite out of the bunch I've been bulldozing through.  The writer never lost the plot for this one.  No makjang elements, no senseless misunderstandings… just very sensible people doing and saying sensible things, still managing to pull heartstrings by being genuine.  How hard can that be, oh ye of the rest of dramaland!

Someone complained about the chemistry.  And someone else complained about the rushed ending.  Why~~~~  It's so perfect!  Okay, sure, they weren't burning up the screen with passionate ardor, but the actress was barely a teenager at the time.  And this being an Austen piece (yes, I call it so), less is always more 😉  Just pay attention to the little details.  I love it that they naturally always latch onto each other in the middle of scenes.  And the adoring gazes they send each other's way… Eeee!!  The entire last two episodes are schockful of OTP sweetness I don't know what more anyone can ask for.

^look at the hands!  she beelined for him across the room to listen in on a gossip and naturally places her hand on his as she sat down.  Eee!


And if you ask me, their interaction is precious enough as it is.  This scene is so adorable and funny:











My poor Than Chai.  That's what you get for proposing on behalf of somebody else.

7 thoughts on “A Jane Austen lakorn? Hell yes~

  1. Wow! I’m really surprise to see you blogging about lakorns.
    (The unnecessary fact : I am Thai)
    Prissana is one of my favorite lakorns (which is adapted from one of my favorite novel) – but I didn’t notice about tennis ball or shorts until you point it!
    And ‘Tik’ aka Tan Chai is my favorite actor. He always got the role like Tan Chai and I can say this role perfect wiht him.
    Prissana is really cute too. I really love her smile.


    • Omg, you have to reccommend some lakorns to me. I’ve downloaded several popular ones but Prissana is the best one yet, and it didn’t seem to be popular on forums. I’m supposed to be going to brunch soon but I’m still in bed rewatching the finale >_


      • I think the reason why Prissana is not much popular because it on-aired in Thailand about 10 years ago.
        If you like rom-com, I reccommend you to watch ‘Soot Saneha’ (Love Recipe) starring by Ken&Anne. (I quite love this couple)
        Anyway, I don’t watch much lakorn recently, I prefer reading novel.
        Some lakorn adapted from novel but it don’t as good as the the novel at all. But I can say ‘Soot Saneha’ is fun.


        • Ok I’ll watch that next. I tried Oum Ruk but it didn’t do much for me despite it being sweet and funny. I think I generally don’t like babies to be in the plotline :-/Really want to read Prissana now, but can’t read Thai. Boo~


          • I really wish someone translate Prissana into English. (sorry that I have poor ability TTATT)

            But every Prissana fans said that this remake version acted by Tik is a Perfect version. Every dialogues, every scenes were exactly taken from the book. So I guess you don’t have to regret you can’t read. =]


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