Wanida: my de-stress drug

I found a little charming townhouse in a nice location last week.  It was cute and small, in a neighborhood that has zero amenities (which I want for low HOA, but is unbelievably hard to fine), and I was so so excited about finally finding the one, my one true love.  Well, love is such a difficult thing.  I got outbidded by an all-cash offer 😦  I'm now so exhausted from looking at homes all I want to do is watch lakorns.

I started out with Neung Nai Suang to continue my Ken Theradeth run but episodes have disappeared online and I'm stuck on ep 07.  So to get my colonial period fix I moved on to Wanida (the remake version).  The highbrow drama watchers would probably scorn it as a typical soap yada yada filled with actors who can't act yada yada.  But it is so so my thing!  He's from a declining old-money family while she's the daughter of a nouveau-riche loanshark.  How are they affiliated?  He's roped into marriage with her as payment to her father for his brother's debt, and of course along the way they learn to iron out their misunderstandings and differences.  Okay, fine, have your chuckles.  It's a lot more reasonable than a contract marriage and indentured servitude arising from a fraudulent home sale is all I'm saying.   And no matter how many times it's been done, the bickering and making-up are so ridiculously addicting.  I grin in glee everytime hero finds out heroine is actually an angel and he's been a douche.  And I'm at the point now where he's feeling ze jalousie which is even better.  I call the two leads the Thai Ken and Barbie – just as pretty and just as stiff.  But they're so gorgeous, I almost forgive mine having to interpolate between their 3 expressions.

Bonus point: a very pretty OST

6 thoughts on “Wanida: my de-stress drug

  1. Hey, thanks for adding me back.:-D Good luck with your living arrangements! I hope you get your true love soon.

    Also — I would so watch that drama provided either English or Spanish subtitles. It sounds strangely addictive.


    • Thanks! I hope to end the search soon too before pollens start their seasonal attack.Wanida is subbed. You can check either youtube or viki. I swear it’s like watching same ole Cinderella but I watch it anyway for all the slappings lol. I actually prefer Neung Nai Suang because the leads are much better actors, but the vids have vanished~


      • I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

        I am currently in a very devoted Korean phase, with Sung Joon and Lee Min Ho as the uknowing objects of my fangirly feelings.:-)

        Oh, and shipping Do-il/Woo-kyung like from SUFB with hearts in my eyes. 🙂


        • SUFBB was my absolute fav from last year. It got me at the moment Soah fell into Jihyuk’s arms despite Byunghee’s wide open ones lol. I’m in a Kdrama dry spell right now. Waiting for Gu Family’s Book, but why is Sung Joon not the lead?!


          • Hee. It got me the moment Byung – Hee and Ji – hyuk displayed their awesome brotherly friendship. Oh, and there was the matter of the quietly intense drummer. 😀

            Sung Joon not being the lead in everything ever is a mystery to me.


  2. I have that on my to watch list, because of the Sung Joon. Maybe if I go in with lowered expectations the other characters won’t seem as full of suck?

    I will give it a four episodes stretch to win me over.


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