Song Rao Nirundorn – aka Ken Theeradej What Are You Doing to Me?

I did my research.  I knew the slap/kiss nature of lakorns.  I've heeded warnings.  But I was lured… lured! in by the Force of … something!  the Lakorn Gods perhaps.

My foray into Thai lakorns started out with a pretty mild Song Rao Nirundorn.  Despite dramatic tension here and there, I was never once worried for the OTP's welfare during the entire show.  It was sweet, it was breezy, it was bound to end well.  Right?  Right?!  Curse drama writers to the deepest level of helly hell.  I seriously had whiplash with the way things played out in the last 3 episodes.  Whenever a problem cropped up, it always quickly went away… except for the A/ Crazy Cousin, B/ Crazy B!tch, and C/ Crazy Fainting Spells.  They never went away.  I just thought they would. Like, uknow, when they aren't needed anymore because the drama was ending.  Apparently not.  Why would you kill her off, writers?  Thamai?!  Dude's not gonna live on with a 2nd dead fiancée.  You might as well kill him too.  What?  Oh, you did!  You heartless bastards.  What don't you get about "thou shall not kill hot leads"?  Ken Theeradej Ittsara Ginkrai is too hot to die.  I want to pitch forks at you… or durians.
*sigh* it was so perfect though. There's just something very comforting about an old-school drama.  Even the fuzzy VHS quality is welcoming.  No, I lie.  Maybe not -_- But this was seriously a nostalgic gem.  It brings me back to a time when the story was the focus of a drama and I don't have to be distracted by bling bling cinematography or sophisticated storytelling.  It was simple and heartfelt and therefore effective.

The OTP!  I don't remember when was the last time I legitimately squealed for a drama OTP.  It must have been since In-Hyun.  But they are so so good and decent as individual human beings, and together they rock all to way to Neptune's moons.  She is incredibly nice but yet she never whimpered at psychotic 2nd lead's threats and even threw out a few slaps herself (the amount of slapping was dizzying).  And him… he is unbelievably kind and patient, to literally everyone.  Maybe it would've helped if he grew a spine with some of those people *cough lunatic stalker cough* but this guy just doesn't have one mean bone in him.  And you know I'm a sucker for those stories where they're not supposed to fall in love but they do anyway.  That's right, damn taboos.

This scene!  My favorite.  He came to confess his heart and even in such a scene the feelings were kept teetering on the rim in the quietest boil.  So tender, and fragile, the both of them.  Even when delirious happiness flooded in, they had such a secretive way of drowning themselves in it, I almost had to hold my breath lest I disturb them.



And that is where I'll pretend the drama ended.  Freeze frame and sleep tight.

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