Int Women’s Day post: the Thai rom-com edition

Okay, so no empowering speeches.  No feminist lesson of the day.  I'm just a girl who likes her rom-coms and want to make a post about them today.

Rom-coms have the stigma of being silly chick flicks.  Often corny, often unrealistic.  They're the fatuous fantasies made by and for grown women who can't seem to grow out of it.  True, true, and true.  But for me, what's important is that rom-coms hit that sweet spot of Love and Laughter – the two things that make the world goes 'round.  You dream a little, you palpitate a little, and you laugh a little.  They're feel-good pick-me-ups on rainy days.  And when they want to be, they can also be perceptive and relatable.  They're my go-to genre for novels, manga, anime, movies, and dramas.

So… what rom-coms have I been watching?

Sadly the Korean scene has been quiet for me lately.  Apparently the trend of the season is sageuk and melos.  While I watch both, I'm more picky in finding the right ones.  So uhh… I randomly browsed youtube and found Thai movies.  Yeah, odd, but there you have it.  Thai movies… that aren't horror.

The first one is called A Little Thing Called Love.  It's a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl and her first love.  Nothing crazy, nothing new.  But it's totally on my wavelength.  How many of us was an awkward nerd in HS? *raises hand* And how many of us, despite our appearances, crushed on the hottest guy in the senior class? *raises hand*  The giddiness, the awe-stricken admiration, the heartbreak – this movie has got it all down pat.  And OMG the main female lead with her transformation!  I mean, I'm not so much surprised they were able to uglify her as I am with how they could make her look 12.  She seriously had the awkward gangly tween thing going.  Some corny factor here and there, esp in the ending… but overall genuine and heartfelt.
The second one is called Bangkok Traffic Story.  I adore this one!  I like their meet-cute, I like them as characters individually and together, I like their progression as adults, and I like the ending.  I like Muei Ly, who knows what she wants and stays rational despite her desperation.  She puts herself out there, does crazy things, but at the end of the day knows when to let go.  And I like Loong because… well take a look at the pic!  Haha I mean… he's patient, kind, and mature.  Those are three adjectives I can never use in the same sentence to describe an Asian main lead.  Plus, he's an effing engineer working in the transportation industry.  Bonus point!  Very coherent, very breezy.

I had also tried Hello Stranger and while it was funny, it seemed like they were trying to slap too many metas as they can into the plot.  I got tired and quit half way.

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