Spring cleaning

With March coming up, I just wanna do some quick house keeping. This LJ was never started w much purpose. And now it’s pretty much used for random sporadic spazzing plus 3L3W chapters so I expect there aren’t many who follow anyway. But for those who do, well, I’ve been super busy with RL and adult responsibilities :X that’s why I haven’t done anything to even spazz
A/ I’m house hunting. And our metro is bad in that ppl keep sprawling north. And there are only a few spotty communities that aren’t ghetto left closer in. But I just rather not deal w that kind of commute, esp seeing as I don’t have to worry about school districts any time soon. I just need a place to house all of my manga that are spilling off my shelves. Is that even a legitimate reason to move? >_<
B/ Pretty Boy Next Doors kinda fizzled for me. I liked the quirky beginnings but I felt underwhelmed as it went on and now I haven’t cared enough to watch the last two eps even though I’ve gotten that far anyway.
C/ haven’t watched anything new. Might wait for That Winter to turn to spring and marathon it altogether.
D/ Did try (skim through) Can We Get Married for the 2nd time and still felt it was too fussy filled w egocentric ppl. I hear a lot about how realistic all the dynamics are esp the Korean parents and their dealings w their children’s marriage. Maybe that’s why I didn’t particularly care for it. Because I’m not Korean, and our family doesn’t operate that way.
E/ keep forgetting to finish the next section of Pillow Book. But I have most of the next update done already. Hopefully this weekend. My cousin also got me hard copies! I can’t wait to see them. Apparently the newer 10 Miles edition come with supplemental art~

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