Name those bridges!

I'm not one for luxury goods.  Too poor, and usually too sensible for them.  But being a civil engineer, you can imagine the excitement that ran through me when I set sight upon this scarf.  It is titled Les Ponts de Paris i.e. The Bridges of Paris.  Of course I had to have it!  I mean, bridges, vehicles, people, people on vehicles crossing bridges.  I coughed blood and immediately snapped it up.  It called my name, it did. 

So on top of being gorgeous (which is not always the case despite their name, trust me), Hermes scarves also has a fun factor of background context.  Someone had identified the buildings in Les Edifices de Paris, but I couldn't find anything on this one.  So I went the long route and actually looked up individual Parisian bridges.  This scarf was designed in 1953, so yes, that means there are now dozens more bridges that would pop up on the search for "famous bridges in Paris."  And I almost overlooked one because it was reconstructed.

In order from top down:

Pont de la Concorde

Pont au Change or Saint-Michel; they both have the same Napoleon signage

Pont Neuf

Pont de l'Alma – this one was hard to identify because it was reconstructed and they only kept one statue

Pont Des Invalides

If ever I set foot on Paris, I shall wear this scarf, walk these bridges, and feel absolutely like a tourist au courant.

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