Xian Xia novels are the ruin of me

I have the worst habit of distracting myself from what I need to do >_< So… I read the entire Zhong Zi in two nights (skimming here and there) and OMG, this story breaks my heart~

It’s about a little girl who goes to fairyland in order to learn magic.  But since she is born with what they call “Shaqi” or evil energy, no one wants to accept her as a student.  Then of course she gets accepted by only the most awesomesauce fairy in all of fairyland… and doncha know it, love happened despite the social taboo.

I think I was sold the moment this happened:

Leaving Liu’he Hall, the surrounding expanse seems even larger. Several thousand students still stand waiting on the two sides. Everyone has heard of the news and wants to see which child it is that’s so fortunate. When Luo Yinfan steps out the door, all eyes look in their direction. Some were filled with envy, others with jealousy…

Luo Yinfan offers her his hand.

Zhong Zi is confused and doesn’t understand her teacher’s intention at first.  At length she shyly wipes her hand onto her clothes and takes hold of that hand.

His hand is at just the right warmth, not too hot, not too cold.  Like the person himself, soft and gentle.

The long white robe sweeps across the ground. With everyone’s eyes watching them, he leads the little girl away, slowly walking down each of the stone steps, and heads toward Zizhu Summit.

This moment stays with Zhong Zi for many years later. It carves into her mind like it has only happened yesterday. No matter how many lives she goes through, it is something she can never forget. But sadly by then, she is no longer the same little Zhong Zi whose hand he held and led away that day.

Needless to say I liked the perfect image Zhong Zi had of her teacher.  He was going to be her sun and stars, her protection and love.  NOPE.

I usually stay away from stories cuz mistreatment isn’t my kind of OTP kink, and although the nue in this story isn’t necessarily abusive (well unless you count the times he tries to kill her), it still has the sort of power imbalance and possessiveness that drives me bonkers.  The saving grace to that, is that although they are so wrong in their effort to be right, you can sympathize with them for being two very misguided individuals.  He’s spent centuries being a xian & believing in what he believes in, and she’s just an impressionable kid with an awkward guardian.  And their effort to channelize their love was nothing short of a struggle.  Sometimes I want to slap him silly for being such a hipocritical jerk.  And how selfish he is for wanting to keep her on his terms i.e. only as his student, and even if she’s crippled.  But I guess it makes his downfall more satisfying >:D

More than the OTP, the author does such a great job making me care for her side characters.  Never have I cried so much for non-male-leads.  Not just 1, not 2, but friggin 4 or 5.  Zhuo Hao is a damn playboy and I cry a river everytime he makes falling stars rain down for her.  I mean, kdramas could milk some serious melo out of that Xiao Niangzi childhood story.  Qinke is oddly kept in the shadow throughout but his unfailing faith is zomg$%#@lemmemarryyou. Wanjie, Mu’yu, even her shijie’s husband!  And hmm, I find Wangyue kinda sexy lol.

8 thoughts on “Xian Xia novels are the ruin of me

  1. So..why didn’t you join us discuss about Chong Zi or Zhong Zi at shushengbar.com! We can talk about how annoying the male lead and our heroine persistent spirit.



  2. This story is so full of emotions. None of the girls that started with me wanted to finish it though. They couldn’t even get passed the main guy in the first life. Haha im just very motivated with my wanting to see what a inlove Luo Yi Fan is like.

    U still like Mu Yu? Im not done yet, but i really want him to redeem himself in a way by showing his care for her was at least having some sincerity in it and not all for his ambition.



    • In-love Luo Yifan during the denial stage is a total ass. Post denial stage is erm, still possessive and paranoid. But she totally has him wrapped around her finger by then. It’s in the 1st side story (which, I think should be called the epilogue). I actually like LYF despite better judgement, for the same reason ZZ loves him. We just kinda made up our minds at the beginning and kept hanging onto that initial attachment no matter what he did later on.
      I still like Mu’yu. He did care for her. You’ll see.
      I also read Shuke’s other book “Xiao huang bu shi xian” >_< after ZZ. If there was a book that is like Xiangmi, this would be it, not 3L3W.


      • lol I kinda little spoiled myself, so I sneek peaked at a later chapter after she turns into a mo. so possessive. haha

        I don’t blame him for how he treats her ppl need to give him some slacks, he’s been a xian since the day he was born, not even a day as a normal human. You can ask a person on drugs to get off it the next day. Need to give him more time.

        U should read Floating Dreams, Promise of 3 Lifetimes by Ye Xiao. It’s soooooooo good. More complicated than 3L3W and more emotional, but equally funny.


        • I know right?! He’s been brainwashed for how long? And even throughout his own “enlightenment” he had to do it all by himself. No one was there to tell him, ‘actually, this is ok. this is not evil and bad and awful.’ Poor guy thought he was committing a crime for loving her all this time, and choosing her would somehow bring the both of them to firey hell. Like I said, very misguided individual. I like how he hung onto her though. The beginning of part 3 where he took her as his student again, I literally got chills when he said, ‘I’ll give to you the name Zhong Zi’ and everyone present was like, ‘He did not!’ lol That was sort of like an FU to the Nanhua establishment.I’ll check ur rec out as soon as I can. So many novels!


  3. i am squealing ‘yes!!!’ everything you say. this story makes me all sadistic lol. I cried the most for Wan Jie, and while I don’t hate Luo Yin Fan, I always look forward to his impending suffering muahaha…

    Zhuo Hao I was swayed a moment when I realized he married and then he washed all my bad feelings away with what he did for Chong Zi, which is something Luo Yin Fan always struggle with. Really love all the characters. Xian Xia is very angsty genre lol


    • Lol I did not realize it was so angsty… the pain was pretty self-indulgent the way it was written. But I read it anyway because like you said, we must be sadists or something. This book is definitely a guilty pleasure.


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