New manga stash

I bought some manga from Amazon France a couple of months ago but the order never arrived. I contacted Amazon, got refunded, and moved on with life. This week I got a package out of nowhere to my delighted surprise. I LOVE everything superficial about these books. EVERYTHING.
What I got was Yazawa Ai's Tenshi Nanka Janai. I'm so used to her edgy sorta urban Tokyo styles that I didn't expect something this… adorably shoujo. To whoever designed these covers, I worship thy footsteps and the ground thou walk on.

(so simple)

(and clean)

(having art on the inside covers too)

(and back covers)

(and dust jacket lapels… look, the four seasons~)

Story-wise… I dunno. I'm on page 3. It's tough reading and typing into Google translate with your phone >_<

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4 thoughts on “New manga stash

    • Because they’re not available in English and my French is better than my nonexistent Japanese. Plus, google translate does really well w French. The words come out 99% sensible in correct grammatical order.


      • Wow, that’s great I haven’t realized google translate was that good with French. It’s terrible with Russian.

        Ah, I remember when I was taking Japanese classes in college I kept planning to stock up on manga in Japanese that has hiragana above the kanji and perfect my Japanese in that way…Alas, it never happened šŸ˜¦


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