Have some Faith folks

Verdicts are flying left and right for the sleuth of new airing dramas… and I just have to make a quick post to defend Faith. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s really not that bad. Ok, so I was totally transported back to the 90s with those CG TVB used to use. And the Goryeo lingo was also v. v. suspiciously modern sounding to my untrained ears. But I hafta say I was pretty entertained. Two eps in and LMH’s already on a fast track of showing us his abs… even if through bloody surgery ;D
Lady surgeon is also not really ditzy? I dunno how this accusation came about, but she’s not clueless or naive. The only thing I’ve seen KHS in was Tomato where she was a boring doormat. Here in Faith she surprised me by being animated and chatty. That sequence with the fortune teller cracks me up. Her various expressions were so unexpectedly winning. Enough to have a personality and not too much to be OTT.
King annoys me. As does his advisor. Queen gets triple awesome points. Will watch this as a fantasy. I think it works better that way. Thinking of it as anything historical might just aggravate some 😀

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4 thoughts on “Have some Faith folks

  1. What I get fr the opinions towards Faith (even though I didn’t even see a sec of its trailer) is it hinges on how affable u find the leads. If you can stand them, or better love them. Faith is fun and entertaining. But for some (ie me) who get homicidal and wanna stab my eyeballs and eardrums out watching KHS, unless she gets universal shocking praises, nope. To my cranky yet untrained eyes she’s absolutely clueless as to acting but oblivious to it, putting her a lvl ‘above’ SSH (who used to be her exact male equivalent to me) because at least I get SSH is cognizant of his lack of acting abilities whatsoever, try as he might.

    I’m not saying KHS can’t get some faces right, I bet she can, but she can never present a character without me witnessing every single twitch of her acting…either blank woodsiness or OTT screeches of overemoting every ‘nuance’. Of course I have no true basis of that, but I’ve seen quite many of her past stuff and sworn myself off forever.


    • Hah, I guess I didn’t see enough of her and what I saw wasn’t offensive. That can still change in coming eps but so far I like her quite well. When I hear “shrill” and “clutzy” and “OTT” I think of Kim Eun Jung. So KHS has a high bar to jump for me to dislike her 😀 The best thing is, she hasn’t breached my personal pet peeve of grown women batting faux innocence either. Very few can pull that off and IMO most should not attempt.


      • I actually havent watched her everything, because I’ve bailed seeing her most of the time. I do agree she doesnt tend to OTT (fr what I rem) but very extremely cluelessly woodsy. And just sth her vision itself bugs me to no end. I guess her character is not written as disastrous here (oh Lord, yes, KJE’s OTT is absolutely the most aggravating offense EVER)

        BUT just a whiff of she’s horrible is enough for me to stay very far away and so far I’ve not heard of absolute praises of her doing a grand job.


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