I feel so triumphant to finally find this volume of Red River for 7 Euro. Ok, so I had to import it from Belgium, and pay for shipping, but that’s not the point… the point is… I found it for 7 Euro ^________^

Then to offset the s/h cost (cuz who am I kidding, int’l shipping is crazy) I bought French mangas that will never likely see a day in English… cuz of course Americans are reading stuff like Kitchen Princess @_o

Can’t wait to read these w/ a dictionary in one hand >_<

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  1. Arent they? I don’t think Georgie will be my thing at all but I like the vintage super frilly shojo art :DRed River was swoony melodramatic smut. I finished it all in one fell swoop but 15 & 16 are notoriously hard to find. 7 Seeds I’m really excited about. But I’m afraid once I’m done, I’ll have to wait years and years for another volume to come along.


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