Trying to study but my baby’s lost @ Wimby has put a hole in my heart. I feel so sorry to have laughed at Murray’s struggle earlier this morning. I take it all back! I didn’t mean it~
Ahhh but it amazed me how Rafa is always on top of it mentally, every single damn match. I ask myself just how long can he whack a tennis ball before getting bored. I get tired of looking at horizontal curves after like 5 problems >_< this match brings him back to my human level. So lethargic sometimes I wonder if he spent too much time celebrating Spain's ticket to the final and underestimated the prep he needed against his opponent. Other dude bashed that ball like I saw Soderling did… or even Delpo.
Ugh, my coworkers arent going to let this one go.

So gracious~ i just hope ur heart’s not bleeding as bad as mine, hubby :X

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