QIHM finale

Just got to it today. I watched both eps RAW so basically I was doing this the whole time: fan.gnaw.OMG.fan.I don’t have a clue what they’re saying but why is it so sad
I assume all my QIHM flisties have seen these eps so I’ll go ahead and cont w/o LJ cuts. I’m on my phone and i dont have that option.
After so excellently tearing my heart into confetti bits, Ze Ending did feel really illogical even if my inner romance slave flailed so utterly at the idea that he was brought back through the power of LOVE. I’m trying to think outside of the box but the cellphone was so random. I’d rather this be the explanation:
The talisman was always about living in the face of death, or really, holding only when you can let go. So when BD finally lets go by burning the talisman i.e. the connecting portal, that’s when he can really go to the other world. Thus the moment he gives up his life by hanging himself is when the spell works its last magic and transport him back via the same parameter the timewarp has always operated on: life in the face of death. They can even show the long burnt ashes of the talisman glowing briefly in embers to add the whimsy touches. Why not? Merlin totally snapped his fingers for one last spell in a magic-free land when he reunited w/ Nimue. It’s playing outside the rules but still acknowledging them.
I still adore this drama so much though. The love story feels absolutely perfect. When it’s giddy, I’m on cloud nine. When it’s sad, I’m in the gutter. I don’t always think in the same vein but I sure always feel the same emotions as my OTP.
Btw, does anyone know what happened to the opening scene as he rode on horseback to meet her? Wasnt that meeting supposed to be a later occurance and there was a kiss that got cut? Didnt we all think it was somehow gonna tie in w the ending?

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