You make me happy

Shut Up Flower Boy Band ❤
I was kinda skeptical but so many ppl keep raving about it so I caved in. Umm yeah, I’ve just spent the last two hours watching ep 4 which is 43 min long. Why? Because I had to resync the damn sub file every few minutes. But oh is the labor worth it.
Like the rest of humanity, I’m sad that Byunghee is gone. He’s so eccentric and cuddly and just pure awesome. And although he’s gone, the drama has maintained its indie vibe which I love. It’s the indie rock answer to Dream High’s (S1) pop isn’t it? I mean, there’s the rich girl gone poor, the outcast vs hotshot, the practice room situation. Oh but it’s all lovely. Same lyrics, different beats. Don’t like Su-ah’s acting much but I guess she’s adaquate for being a muse. Gosh, why aren’t there more eps? I thought I waited long enough before boarding this train.

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