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When I read that Haunters ranked 2nd in box office earnings just behind Ajusshi last year, I was a little worried. 'Cause I hadn't liked the latter too much and if Korean moviegoers liked Haunters even less, then I was most likely doomed to dislike it as well. And dislike it I did. Mostly both these movies suffer from a lack of fluid story telling. A lot of scenes just seem to lack a certain "oomph" of importance. I sit there waiting to be engaged or thrilled but I often find myself disinterested. Ajusshi can congratulate itself on having a semi-purposeful plot whereas Haunters just got me saying wtf left and right… Actually let me just get one thing off of my chest about Ajusshi before I continue ranting about Haunters. Y'know that cool scene where Won Bin held his gun right up against the bullet-proof windshield and fired the hell outta it until the glass crack to allow the bullet through? Right. Real' cute. So if the first ten or however many shots didn't go through the glass, where did they go? Ricochetting back into the barrel that's where @_@

Okay, now back to the other box office hit. Haunters is about a psychic with the ability to control others' minds and his fight against a guy who's not under this influence. Sounds like tons of fun doesn't it? Well it's not. There are a few scenes that show potential for something much deeper psychologically but in general the two characters and their fight are awfully flat. Kyunam is this righteous man who blindly and annoyingly charges ahead without any real gameplan. I'm almost convinced by the psychic's argument that it's all his (KN) fault shit is happenning. Then there's KDW's psychic character who shows rare signs of human weakness and childlike tendencies but is mostly an immoral ass. Their conflict blows up right after their first meeting with no room for even any situational analysis. There's not much I know about either of them prior to the chase so I don't fully know their mentality either. And when I can't understand where my characters are coming from, I can't sympathize. For a movie about psychic powers, there wasn't much psychological warfare going on. It's mostly violence and gore and the good ole physical fight.
But say I feel generous and forgive the shoddy plot development, wtf is up with Kyunam never dying? He got hit by a truck, stabbed with a knife, smashed against a column, hung on a rope, fell fifty stories down, and dude survived ALL of it. AND the last scene had got to be the most wtf scene I've seen my entire movie watching life. So he's got latent superhero power? Really show?
I'm too baffled to even go back for caps. Maybe by tomorrow I'll forget the horror and cap only the cute faces of KDW and Go Soo, away from the wtfness.

caps and more thoughts:

The above is the funniest scene in the entire movie because it was so unexpected and out-of-character, and just awesomely simple.  Kyunam chased Psycho Psychic down with his truck, and in a moment of childish glee, zaps his taser gun in an eener meener "look what I've got now" way. 

Roof-top confrontation ending.  It looks vaguely familiar as it reminds me of the one in Infernal Affairs. 
But Infernal Affairs is just miles smarter.

Perhaps show wouldn't have sucked as bad if it had been about this.

Or even this.

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