The new X is soooo pretty~

The 1st volume arrived in the mail today and I'm glad I pre-ordered it. Who cares if the plot is convoluted when all you'll probably do is stare at this anyway:

Bishies ftw hehe. And on glossy paper no less. Compared to the other Vizbig editions I have, this one is a bit better because the others have their color arts printed on the same material as the black and white pages. But actually X's b&w pages are printed on slightly worse quality paper than Inuyasha and Kenshin. You can also tell by the difference in the spine thickness. But it's minor and doesn't bother the quality freak in me. I actually prefer it this way so that the book can be a bit less heavy to hold ^_^'.
I also got the new Princess Knight in last week. There's not any glitter on the cover as I've been led to believe. But it is embossed…maybe that was what the guy meant. Anyway I like that one too. Really nice lavender color. I will have to be in the right mood to read it though. If I were still 10 I'd imagine myself all over that stuff. Too bad I just wanna reread Red River these days. And watch sappy dramas.

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3 thoughts on “The new X is soooo pretty~

  1. From the Guy

    Wanted to let you know that as far as I knew there was going to be a glitter cover for Princess Knight parts 1 & 2. I even got to select color samples with my production staff. However, somewhere along the line a decision was made to change that in favor of an embossed cover. I was not aware of this change until the final printed books arrived in the warehouse and even made note of that on our facebook page.

    I’ll say that I don’t agree with the decision, however, I still think the production is quite nice.

    Ed Chavez


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