My buying woes

I knew this would have to happen sooner or later, what with the amount of stuff I buy >_<

This morning I drove to the post office and waited forever long even though they opened at 9 and I came precisely at 9.  Despite the long ass line forming, at one point there was no clerk out in the front.  But we knew there's not a shortage of workers because we could hear them chit chatting loudly in the back storage room.  And the one guy who was out in front leisurely walked into the side office, took off his jacket, came out slowly again like everything operates in slow-mo once you're in the post office universe.  Anyway, that's not even what is pissing me off right now.

So the entire reason I drove to the post office on a Saturday morning is because my Fated to Love You boxset arrived via registered mail and they wanted my signature.  But all that trouble only to find out some of the discs were defective when I got home was not in the least pleasant.  There were some weird smudges on them and even the discs that played had minor scratches like they weren't new to begin with o_0 And yes, I've tried soapy water.  That mark's pretty permanent.  Which makes me sad.

That's not even the worst part.  Here's the crap that got to me: I'll most likely have to pay for return shipping in order to get either an exchange or a refund 😡  No, Ebay, that's effing wrong.  Why haven't I ever known about this policy?  It's like I'm being punished for buying a defective item.  If they keep sending me a defective exchange would I have to keep paying for return shipping forever?  And here's the kicker, Paypal also sides with Ebay on this policy.  So much for buyer protection <_<

Ugh, hopefully the seller is reasonable about this otherwise I'd have to pretend 2 episodes didn't exist… and excommunicate Ebay forever <_<

One thought on “My buying woes

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