Dream High Boxset

Here's my 2nd drama order which arrived today.  I assume no one needs an introduction to this one, right?  So I won't yap on about how much I love it (I'm sorry I'm such a teenager sometimes).  There are several "legit" editions with English subtitle floating around: the Korean release, the Singaporean/Malaysian release, and the Taiseng (HK) release.  The Korean release is a Region 3 (which really defeats the purpose of having English subtitles, people!) so I didn't get it although it seemed the best quality.  I don't know why but I completely forgot about checking the Malaysian release even though I mostly buy their version for other dramas.  And in the end I bought this baby from Yesasia for $24.99
So for $24.99 I didn't expect a deluxe box or anything… but it's still kind of disappointing that it came in the standard DVD case with a thin slipcase.  My only other Taiseng experience is my Greed of Men boxset and that one is one par with the Spring Waltz set.  Oh well~.  I'm also disappointed that the DVDs are letterbox instead of widescreen.  I guess I should've read the description, but I mean, even the avi rips are in widescreen now.  Catch up with the times, Taiseng!  But the good news is that the English subtitles are grammatically correct (i.e. coherent).  I don't follow dubbed dramas too much so I don't know if the Vietnamese track is USLT or not, but it's definitely Long Tieng not Thuyet Minh for those who want to know.
Now I just gotta pray PMP boxsets have switched to widescreen >_<

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