Bu Bu Jing Xin the ending

Okay, those who haven't read the ending may not want to read this post, as it will be spoilery.  Don't say I didn't warn you 😛

Just out of curiosity, how did Jade Palace Lock Heart go down?  I didn't watch the entire thing and now I'm interested in seeing how things ended as the OTP in that one involved Eight, who of course lost the battle for the throne >_<  I'm asking because I can't have imagined history changing for them and I wonder if she eventually went back to our world.

Becauseeeeee I was honestly looking forward to when Ruoxi would zap back to the 21st century in BBJX.  It was clear fate wasn't going to change and the nightmare was only growing longer.  The story ended at a gloomy place, and Ruoxi was stuck in that part of history, forever, which is very depressing.

I'm conflicted about this, because I had liked the story very much for being strangely real.  And when RX spends her days, which turned into years, there, the reality only sets in even further.  That this is no longer a dream or a play, that this world is staying.  But a part of me find it dissatisfying that she languished away and eventually died in this world.  There was no mission, no goal, no DESTINY, despite this being a time-travelling story.  Okay, so I'm not asking her to save a ruined kingdom, or develop penicillin.  But she didn't even leave behind any impact that's remembered by history.  No legend or myth.  The story just ended up being a tragic love story, which, normally, I'd be all over.  In this case though, it just really bugs me that the time-travelling aspect became moot.  You know, normally, people choose to stay because they've found something they can't let go of.  She's just STUCK.  For her to be stuck there makes the entire thing a bit of a freak accident, especially if her stay wasn't a happy one.  That exact hopelessness is one depressing thing to get over.

5 thoughts on “Bu Bu Jing Xin the ending

  1. They changed the drama ending from the book one in BBJX 🙂 I do think she had a role in history via a predestination paradox – she is the one whos set the brothers’ battle in motion by trying to prevent it.

    Re: JPLH. It all meshes in my head a little because I marathoned it like a lunatic but basically Qing Chuan found a way back and was going to take Eight because she knew nothing good would happen to him if he stayed. Can’t remember why they didn’t go but eventually 4 became emperor and 8’s life became highly awful. QC traded herself for 8’s life but shortly realized this was all meaningless as 4 will never allow anything to interfere with his irrational loathing for 8 and nothing she could do would help; she’d never even see 8. So she went back home via that time tunnel she discovered. And then shortly after when 8 was being taken somewhere highly unpleasant, he got basically beamed up (not sure how to explain it) and the last scenes of the drama are a crowd gaping at a man in qing garb and qc sees him. Very shoujo but I didn’t care at that point, I just wanted a happy ending. They also had an explanation why you can’t mess with history too much but that’s a whole other thing.


    • Ok, that JPLH ending is what I want for BBJX! It MUST happen. I was envisioning something like RX coming back to the 21st century and meet the reincarnation of 4. So not exactly Yinzhen time-travelling, just umm… reborn-ing 😀


        • Yeah, please spoil~ 😛

          So I pondered a bit about your comment about the “predestination paradox” and here’s my thoughts:

          I get it that she became an inadvertent catalyst. But that’s my exact problem with this whole thing. She was dragged into something that would’ve otherwise happened anyway. Her travel and stay didn’t add anything to history other than what is already there. Now, if she would discover some huge secret or artifact we don’t yet know, go back with her new found knowledge, the “time-travelling” aspect would’ve been more worthwhile.
          RX from the very beginning lets fate dictate her actions. She basically blends into the existing tapestry without trying to weave something of her own. That’s what I mean when I say there’s no sense of destiny. Not the kind that’s inescapable, but the kind that gives you purpose in life, the kind that makes you fight and struggle.
          This is in no way a critism of the novel, because I do think a 21st century woman in the 18th century Court makes for a more compelling read. But again, it’s cruel to send her back to be a part of something so inevitably tragic when that same tragedy would’ve happened without her anyway.
          Oh, and am I just optimistic, or did everyone intepret Zhang Xiao died the moment she transported? I was floored when I read that from spcnet. I thought she was simply in a coma, or traded place with the real RX. I didn’t know she was dead, as in dead and buried. That makes her time travel more like a backward reincarnation.


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