Order has been restored!

I dunno how the hell he did it, but he did!  Perhaps BP from TW succeeded in slipping Nole some gluten, but Federer has done something no one else could this season.

To be fair I thought he had a really good chance.  It was a better match-up for him than for Rafa anyway.  But the entire day I refused to check for scores at all just because I really didn’t think I could take that sort of frazzling in the office.  I know, imagine me frazzling over a Federer-Djokovic match.  Last time I did this, I was frazzling on Djokovic’s behalf at their 07 USO final.  How time has changed >_<

Didn’t think I’d see another Fedal GS final again so soon, what with Djokovic as the head honcho now.  Of course you know who I’ll be rooting for 😀 but I can’t help but feel bad toward the other guy since he did do the impossible deed afterall.  Oh well, Feddy… Lulu will be wearing your RF gear while I’m in my Vamos shirt.  You won’t miss my support, I promise.

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