Will nobody obsess with me on Can You Hear My Heart? ______>_<______  The soompi thread is dreadfully short.  I guess everyone is occupied with screaming "Kang-ahh" (49 Days), which is entertaining in its own right.  But for some reason CYHMH stays on my mind even while I’m not watching it while 49D conveniently stays out of mind until a new episode airs.

Despite the cheesy title (heh, most Kdrama English titles are corny), CYHMH is actually a really heartwarming drama which handles its makjang elements so naturally.  It helps that I love Kim Saeron the child actress.  Watching her is like watching Moon Geunyoung of 10 years ago.

Anyway, I’m alright with the OTP (WR & DJ) but I am so looking forward to the WR & JH pairing.  WR/DJ was sweet, but WR/JH had so much angst and twisted complication!  I can’t wait to see their interaction post reunion.  He’ll probably ignore her for a good bit but can’t help but get involved.  And then what will he do with all the damn past relationships?  Is she a dongsaeng, is she not?  Does he feel bad for leaving her?  How about WR?  How much longer will she regard DJ as her oppa?  Will she love JH just the same (as MR oppa) once she finds out who he is?  JH is the one WR has always chased down physically and emotionally ever since they’ve known each other.  Which is why I’m also pulled toward him ATM.  I’m already having 2nd lead syndrome because JH is also so damn fine.  I’ve always loved Kim Jaewon’s smile but I literally cannot stop staring at Nam Gongmin while watching this one.

Okay, I already know WR/JH is not possible (all those promotional pics with WR/DJ lolz) but I’m still hopeful?  Maybe they’ll pull a 180.  And BTW, Dream High/Tamra were not a 180.  It’s always been SD/PK from the beginning.  The journey was what was different, not the result.  For CYHMH, I’m hoping for a different resultLike… please don’t make JH into a bitter bastard, pls.  If he’s not gonna get the girl, at least have him team up with DJ.

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  1. I am so in love with this show right now

    I will obsess with you! This show is my current crack right now and renders me completely unproductive with everything else. Work? Not important. Papers? I can do them later. It’s much more important to refresh the Viki page every half hour to see how the subs are coming, or to prowl the internet for Kim Rae Won pictures (My god, that man’s smile is dazzling). Or if I half to wait for new things to show up on the internet about the drama, I can always rewatch the last scene of episode 10 for the umpteenth time (*swoon*. That scene was brilliant. *sigh*).

    The child actors and actresses were fantastic. I seem to be a minority in that I usually like episodes with child actors and am not usually waiting impatiently for adult actors, but this has to be some of the most moving acting I’ve seen by children. All of them were great, especially the little girl. Ma Roo’s open disdain for her and her mother made me wince, but I could see how a little boy who is so worried about his appearance to others could have that view. It made it especially cool to see how he became such a great brother to Dong Joo-it was like he was making up for being such an ungrateful son/brother in the past (And I was so glad to see how he matured when he became an adult!).

    Episode 4 was probably one of the most difficult episodes to watch for me in a drama ever because I was so invested in the characters. To see Little Mi Sook watch her mother die in a fire and not be able to help her? I was bawling. Not to mention watching Dong Joo go through all his emotional trauma (When he grabbed on to his mother after waking up from the coma? *SOB*). Not to mention Ma Roo’s tearful plea for the mother to help him.

    Little Woo Ri’s interactions with her father were adorable. Just so cute. The father is one of th purist, likable guys I’ve seen on television. Whenever I see him, I just want to give him a hug.

    Nam Gongmin and Kim Rae Won are mighty fine, aren’t they? It’s actually nice having likable first and second leads in a drama. And by likable, I mean that they may do some bad things throughout the show, but you can still sympathize with them. And I love their interactions. It wouldn’t be two difficult to alternaship the two of them together. I mean, wrestling? On the bed? I approve! In general, I ship Woo Ri with Dong Joo, but I am not averse to her having romantic scenes with Ma Roo either. Or maybe all three of them can get together?

    I haven’t read over this. It’s probably an incoherent mess, and for that I am sorry. ^^;

    /end rant

    Oh, and I found you via Dangermousie, btw. xD


    • Re: I am so in love with this show right now

      Oh my gosh, I wrote “half” instead of have. What is wrong with me? *cries* Not reading the rest, because I’ll probably be traumatized by my poor spelling and grammar.


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