This post isn’t about Sunny Happiness

After Dream High, I watched several rebound shows, one of which was Sunny Happiness (TW).  While watching Sunny Happiness, I discovered two things: one, that I rather enjoy streaming on viki and two, that my favorite TWdrama is still Fated to Love You.

On point 1: I’m a HQ freak.  Always have been, always will be.  You should see my 1080p collection of DBSK performances.  This is why I never bothered with drama streaming sites before.  Then, watching SH on viki changed my opinion.  No, I still like my dramas HQ with gorgeous resolution.  But the comment function on those viki videos killed me.  There was a scene in episode 1 where Ming Dao had surprisingly appeared and immediately there was a gushing chorus of comments going "OMG Ming Dao~!" just as I had also registered the fact myself.  I literally rolled over and LOLed.  This is why I need drama buddies.

On point two:  watching SH was like watching FtLY, but not quite as good.  Yeah yeah, it was a nice non-conflict.  But I’m sorry, accidental pregnancy and contractual marriage have been done before and done better.  To be honest, I still haven’t finished FtLY to this day.  But there are parts I’ve rewatched over and over.  Like episode 9’s galleria auction.  Everything about that segment just worked for me.  From the moment she walked through the gallery’s door to the moment she walks out of Cunxi’s office, it was pure heart-tugging goodness.

I ❤ her confession to Dylan about her budding feelings for Cunxi during this segment.  Because it wasn’t said to Cunxi, but rather to the "priest," it was all the more heartfelt.

"Being with Cunxi is like going to the amusement park.  When he treats me well, I fly as high as the sky.  When he doesn’t, I fall to the pits.  My mood follows him up and down.  And yet I will still have to leave when it’s time."

She said all this with chirpy pitch switching to downcast eyes that you really do feel the emotional roller coaster Cunxi puts her through.  She said it with the happiness of someone in love and the sadness of someone abandoned at the same time, it was quite a predicament >_<  Gosh, how I loved this drama.

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